Back to Malaysia!

16 May


We are back home~!

Since I am back to Malaysia last weekend, I have been trying to adjust with this heat again. I thought it was because my body got used to the Japan Spring weather, but people say it’s been hot for the last few days. During our 2-weeks-stay there, Japan was very sunny and breezy (about 10-20 degree C) and it only rained once at night. Some days were cold and we needed a jacket but it was overall an ideal weather!


I didn’t really go out much because of my big tummy and spent most of my days exploring around my house. I honestly wanted to visit some cafes and shops, but we needed to take trains to get around the city so it was too much of a hassle for me… Instead, I spent my time with my family and my daughter. This is one of the days I took her to a walk near my house.


She liked taking a walk and pick up some flowers and stones. We also went to a park to catch some fish! It was a pay pond but the fish there were from the mountain and were really fresh, so we cooked them for dinner!

hanae and fumika

This is my daughter and my niece in the park. They are the same age and played together. I also met my sister’s newborn baby (nephew)!


Couple of cake photos…







yum yum…


*I will be posting June schedule early next week. Sorry for the delay!


Thank you for visiting my blog^^.




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