Opera Maccha*

31 May


This is Opera Maccha from June Premier Class!

It’s a layer cake with green tea butter cream and chocolate ganache with a hint of green tea and lemon. Traditional Opera uses a lot of butter cream, but I realized that Malaysians found it a bit heavy (Opera here is more like a chocolate layer sponge cake), so I reduced the amount of butter and increased the sponge layer to made it lighter than the original one.


It has many layers (from the bottom): Coating chocolate, a few layers of biscuit maccha (green tea sponge cake), green tea butter cream, chocolat ganache with a hint of lemon, and glacage coating.

green tea snowball cookie

Another menu for this class is Green Tea Snowball Cookie. It’s a light and melty cookie!

Here are the class schedules.

DATE:        June 9th (Sun.) 11:00am-3:00pm —> Full

                    June 22nd (Sat.) 11:00am-3:00pm —> Full

FEE:            RM195 (RM149 for members)

By the way, due to limited classes, a lot of my classes become full already. However, if you are interested in joining, please contact me (012-352-3106/caramelmoko@gmail.com) so that I can put you on a waiting list. Sometimes I will have cancellation at the last minute.

*To my students, 

The CAKE KNIFE you were ordering has finally come. If you were requesting for it, kindly remind me so that I can pass it to you. Thanks^^!


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