Anglaise sauce & Glacage chocolat*

6 Jun



Our cakes for June Premier class are both cold entremet dessert, and we will be practicing layer cakes!

There are two key words in making those cakes ; anglaise sauce and glacage au chocolat. 


Anglaise sauce is something like a custard cream (but more liquid form) which is often used in a mousse cake. The temperature of anglaise sauce is controlled in between 82 -85 degree C, and it is quite difficult to get the right texture. I will be teaching you how to check the right texture without using thermometer.


Glacage chocolat is important in finishing up the cake nicely! Yet it is also quite difficult to coat them beautifully on top of top the cakes (I will prepare the glacage chocolat and you will be practicing the coating part). Hope all your cakes turn out beautiful and shiny!


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