Caramel Dacquoise* Mango Mousse

17 Jul


I just had a class for Caramel Dacquoise today! This is one of my favorite recipes, to make and to eat! Most of my students are not familiar with this cake, so it is also exciting for me to introduce this cake to them. Today we had one Japanese lady and it was her first time too^^.

The caramel butter cream we put inside is slightly tedious to make (At least I used to think so) but now that we have done making anglaise sauce so many times, I think many of my students will find it easier to make. So for those students who have learnt this cake long time ago (last year), please dig out the recipe and try it out again!!!

mango mousse

The mango mousse I teach as a second menu is also my favorite recipe! This is exactly the same recipe as Japanese jewerly shop Mikimoto Lounge, Peninsula Hotel and Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo. The texture of this mango mousse is very creamy and almost watery, but it’s supposed to be that way to melt in your mouth. If you find it too watery, you just increase the gelatine amount to what you like^^!

I didn’t try any of these today but I suppose I make some more for myself in the next class, hehe!

We have another class at the end of this month and still have few more seats.

DATE:        July 28th (Sun.) 1:00pm-5:00pm  

FEE:            RM195 (RM149 for members)


If you like to join, please contact me at (Tomoko). I am looking forward to hearing from you!



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