How to make a beautiful madeleine*

17 Aug




When you make madeleine, you want to see this “belly button”, a little bump in the middle of the cake. Some French people say that without this belly button it’s not a madeleine! That’s why many times madeleine is served this side up and not the other shell-shaped side.




So how to make this beautiful shape?

First of all, you need to know that the baking powder reacts to heat. So if your melted butter is too hot, baking powder will start reacting before you put the cake into the oven! (Unless your recipe has a lot of baking powder… but you don’t want so much.) So the key is to keep the butter temperature around 40-50 degree C.




We normally rest madeleine in the fridge for couple of hours, and this is to cut off the gluten caused by mixing flour and also to combine the ingredients well. However, baking powder will also slowly react during this period. So you normally don’t rest the batter in the fridge more than overnight.




But you don’t need to worry too much of a resting time because you keep them in the fridge. I tested a few madeleine the other day with different recipes and different resting time. Some I rested 3-4 hours and some for overnight, but they all turned out nice!

If you have learnt madeleine in my class before and was wondering about this “belly botton” mystery, please dig out your recipe and try out again! Thanks!



My daughter helping me bake^^.


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