Tips to make iced tea*

24 Aug


Today I’d like to introduce you some tips make an iced tea! Iced tea is quite easy to make but you cannot simply make by putting ice into the tea.

First of all, you need to know that there are tea leaves suited for the iced tea. In other words, there are tea leaves that are not suited for the iced tea. When you cool down iced tea, sometimes you notice that the tea becomes white and creamy in color and not transparent (it’s called cream-down or milk-down). This is caused by the tannin and caffeine contained in the tea leaves. So if tea leaves contains a lot of these two items such as Darjeeling tea and Assam tea, it is not suited for the iced tea. The tea leaves that contains less of tannin and caffeine are Sri Lankan tea, Earl grey tea, and some flavored teas.

However, these teas also contain some amount of tannin and caffeine, so as the time goes by it will slowly start becoming creamy in color. So, try to reduce the tea extraction time so that you can refrain tannin and caffeine from coming out and do not keep it in the fridge and drink within the same day!


This is one of my favorite flavored teas that I got from my student – Strawberry Flavored Tea from FORTNUM & MASON. It tastes nice especially cold, and whenever I serve this tea in the class, students asked me where this is from. FORTNUM & MASON is a popular brand worldwide, but unfortunately I haven’t seen it in Malaysia… (The closest you can get is in Takashimaya, Singapore?)

But you can get many kind of nice tea leaves in Malaysia these days (like TWG and Harrods), so enjoy your tea time keeping those “tips” in mind^^!

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