Mid-autumn festival & Full moon party!

23 Sep


How was your mid-autumn festival ^^? Did you eat mooncake and walk around the house with lantern in your hand?

Every year I get to try few kinds of mooncakes, and this year I had about 10 kinds of them! The raw type in the photo right is durian mooncake, and left one is from the famouse shop Tong Kee Bread & Tarts, which my student gave me. I’ve had many kinds of mooncakes in the past but this one was the best so far, I would say, at least for the baked type! The skin outside and pandan paste inside were both melting soft and matched very well.


My mother-in-law made this raw mooncake for me. Raw type is easier to eat than the baked type and many people around me prefer this kind. It’s also easier to make but I guess it doesn’t last so long so you don’t see so much in the shop.


By the way, I did full moon party for my baby son last weekend. Since we wanted to keep it simple, we just invited our family and relatives but it came all up to 30-40 people in the end!

There were couple of kids, so we also prepared lantern and walked around the house. Hanae got to have one too, and she really enjoyed holding lantern and walking around the house. It was a really cute sight!


I was so happy to hold such party for my daughter and my son, thanks to my parents-in-law who prepared so much for us ^^.

Thank you for visiting my blog!


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