Coffee Day* Coffee Beans

1 Oct

Have you heard about “International Coffee Day”?

It was first promoted in Japan by The All Japan Coffee Association in 1983, and was set to raise awareness of coffee. The annual harvest year for Coffee starts in October, and although the date of “Coffee Day” varies among each country (Malaysia seems to be 29th of September), Coffee Day in Japan is set on October 1st because of such reason and also since the demand of coffee in Japan increases around Autumn to Winter time. 

Speaking of coffee, I went to Jasons @ BSC the other day and got another batch of coffee beans!

This time we bought 4 kinds of beans (from right bottom); Ethiopia, Kenya AA, Guatemala Antigua, Papua New Guinea, and Brazil Santos beans. *Ethiopia bean is from the last batch.


Each bean has different look, aroma and flavor. Although everyone has different taste bud and different perception in flavor, I would like to write a little bit about each coffee beans.



The smallest beans among the five. I always feel that Ethiopian beans doesn’t taste so sophisticated but more strong and wild taste (like soil?). I wonder if it’s because it’s harvested in wild Africa.


Kenya AA

The largest beans among all. This bean is known to have difficulty in roasting because of its thickness and water content. It has a very strong aroma, both sour and bitter. I also feel it has “chocolate” like unique aroma!


Guatemala Antigua

Caribbean beans tend to have nice fruity aroma, and is one of my favorite together with Costa Rican beans. This bean has more sour taste than bitter taste, and it has a nice aftertaste.


Papua New Guinea

Most of the Indonesian beans are Robusta Coffee (mostly used in canned coffee), yet this one is Coffee Arabica, known to be more superior than the Robusta beans.

I was surprised to find it very fruity and has nice aftertaste, just like the Caribbean beans. So as I checked their roots, the original coffee tree is from Jamaica (famous for its Blue Mountain Coffee). No wonder!


Brazil Santos

Brazil is No.1 coffee production country, and it takes about 30% of all the coffee production in the world. The taste is also well balanced, both in sourness and bitterness, so it is widely used as a base for the blend coffee. I feel this coffee has something like a “wheat” taste, and is very easy to drink.


I always like to pick “the day of coffee” and hand-drip them and compare the aroma. It gives you more fun than just drinking coffee!

So when you buy coffee beans next time and have a cup of coffee at home or in the shop (but has to be without milk), I hope you can pay a little more attention and observe how you feel about those coffee beans^^!




3 Responses to “Coffee Day* Coffee Beans”

  1. Fauziah October 1, 2013 at 8:22 am #

    Hi Moko, I love coffee but always instant ones.. how do you prepare those beans? do you grind them first?

    • caramelmoko October 7, 2013 at 9:30 am #

      Hi Fauziah,

      Yes I grind the beans and hand-drip them using coffee dripper and server.
      Btw, thanks for the feedback. What brand of butter do you use? I prefer to use TATURA unsalted butter, as some of others tend to be melty. Make sure you whisk the egg yolk & sugar well until it cools down, and only start adding the butter. In the class, I mentioned room temperature butter but you can use the cold one as it can be less melty. Tks!


      • Fauziah October 11, 2013 at 8:40 am #

        I use Anchor unsalted butter. I see.. I must have not wait for the egg yolk & sugar to cool down. Thanks for the tips. I shall try again next time. Have a pleasant day with your newborn.. and congratulation to both of you & your husband.. 🙂

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