Red bean paste with slow cooker*

7 Oct


My mother is visiting me from Japan since last week!

She brought me “shiratama ko” (rice ball powder) so I made “Zenzai”, a cold red bean paste with rice balls! This is supposed to be good for the breast milk^^.

shiratama ko

This is the most popular “Shiratama ko” brand among Japanese. You can also find it here – in JUSCO, Shojikiya, or ISETAN. All you need to do is to add some water and boil them in the hot water for a few minutes. It’s so easy to make that this could be one of the first desserts kids in Japan make with their mothers ^^.


This is “Oshiruko”, more wet kind.

By the way, I made red bean paste from scratch using slow cooker. I got the slow cooker long time ago (as our wedding gift) but never used it until my daughter was born 3 years ago. My confinement lady used it to boil me some soup and stuff. Apparently this slow cooker is popular among Malaysian family but we don’t have them in Japan so didn’t know how to use them. I was always curious to learn how to use it, so when my confinement lady boiled me some soup this time, I decided to learn at least my favorite red bean soup! Wow, it’s so easy…!?

I guess in a couple more months I can try to make a porridge for my son!




I like this Malaysian sweets too, with white bean paste inside!!!



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