Cassonade Sugar*

18 Oct


Today I’d like to share some good news with my students! I found “Cassonade”, a type of brown sugar in Jaya Grocers @ Empire! This sugar adds some nice flavor to the cakes and cookies especially those that uses spices like cinammon and nutmeg.

I’ve also used cassonade sugar in my class before when I taught sable mandian, a spice cookie with nuts on top. This cookie is one of my favorite but I didn’t get to teach after I finished my cassonade stock, as it is very important ingredient in the recipe… Not only cakes and cookies, cassonade is also good to use on top of Creme burlee for caramelization!

sable mandian

I also found “Chestnut (marron) paste” in the same shop! Which means that we can do chestnut cakes such as Mont Blanc and Marron Tart in future… yeah~~~. I’m very happy and excited that more and more imported things are getting reachable for us, and increases the variety of recipes I can teach ^^.

By the way, the first photo is fruits cake I am baking with Kugulof mold. Of course I am using cassonade sugar! I’ll update the photos once I’m done baking. Tks!


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