Spice Fruits Cake*

20 Oct


Here is the photo of the Fruits Pound Cake I baked!

I used this lovely Kugulof mold which I recently bought. Kugulof is a type of cake, more like a brioche bread using yeast, and is eaten in certain areas of Europe such as Holland, Switzerland, Germany and Alsace, France mainly during Christmas season.



Mine is not a kugulof and is a pound cake, but I decorated it in Christmas style because it’s just like the Christmas fruits cake “stollen using spice and lots of dried fruits such as; apricot, resin, cranberry, orange peel, lemon peel and walnuts! To enhance the cinnamon spice taste, I also used Cassonade sugar as I wrote in my previous post.


The funny thing is that I used to not like dried fruits at all, but as I grew older I started to appreciate those and now I love them! Maybe part of the reason is that I use them for baking a lot so can appreciate the ingredients more.

Hmm~, lots of fruits and what a nice cinnamon flavor^^!


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