28 Nov


I have been making various scones for the last few weeks! Scone is perhaps the easiest and quickest to prepare and nice to have for a tea break^^*. I also have them for breakfast sometimes. All you need to do is to put couple of ingredients in the blender and blend them for a few seconds, rest in the fridge for a while and bake them for about 15 minutes!

Here are couple of scones I baked.


My favorite scone is plain scone and earl grey tea scone. Earl grey tea scone is very nice to eat on its own and the more you bite on it the more bergamot fragrant comes out. hmmm…


My house has many types of confiture (jam) for macarons, and I had raspberry, mango, blueberry, apple comport and even caramel sauce! So I tried out many combination and “Earl grey tea scone x blueberry jam” was a very nice match!


For chocolate chip scone, caramel sauce matches very well. Since cocoa powder makes the scone slightly dried, caramel sauce covers the dryness and adds nice flavor to it.


Scone is my daughter’s favorite sweets too^^!

 *** By the way, I am finally going to post DECEMBER class schedule this weekend! Please look forward to it^^! ***

Thank you so much for vising my blog, always…!


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