Foret Noir Pound Cake*

2 Dec


So now I want to write about each class in details!

I have been baking this Foret Noir Pound Cake (Black Forest Pound Cake) many times as I talked about it in my previous post. It’s nice and quite fun to make. Each time I bake there were slight difference in look and texture, so it took a while for me to find out the perfect formula. It’s not as simple cake as you think!


It is a two layered cake – chocolate and vanilla cakes, and has a bit of cinnamon scent in the chocolate cake part. We will put pitted cherry in the class as it is Christmas Foret Noir stylebut this can be changed to other fruits such as comported pair like the above photo. Each of you will bake this cake in 18cm pound cake mold.


The cake can be eaten both warm and cold, but I personally like it chilled! So in the class I will prepare a cake beforehand so that you all can try both warm and chilled kind. The cake can last for about a week in the fridge, so you can bake them beforehand and give them as a gift to your family and friends during Christmas!

Here are the class dates;

DATE & TIME:    December 13th (Fri.)   11:00am-2:30pm

                               December 28th (Sat.)  11:00am-2:30pm – FULL

FEE:                      RM180.00 (RM129.00 for members)

*8 students maximum.

To register for the class, please email me at (Tomoko). Thank you for visiting our site and I will be looking forward to hearing from you!!!


One Response to “Foret Noir Pound Cake*”

  1. Yan December 2, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    Can’t ait to learn this

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