Tips to bake a successful Sponge cake!

9 Dec


I won’t be teaching Strawberry Short Cake this year for Christmas lesson, but if you are thinking of baking this cake for your special day, here are some tips!

1. Egg temperature (40-50 degree C):

     Before whisking egg with sugar, warm up to 40-50 degree C. Do not warm higher than that, as it will make the cake too fluffy (I will explain to you later) or in worse case, make boiled egg ^^;

2. Whisking Egg

After warming the egg to 40-50 degree C, immediately whisk with hand-mixer high speed. This process will make the egg become easily fluffy, however, Do not whisk it too long, as ‘too fluffy’ texture (big air) causes the cake to “shrink” after you bake. The ideal texture is when you lift up the batter, it will drop and you see a ribbon line disappear in 1-2 seconds.

*In my class, if the cake looked very nice and shiny before you put into the oven but sink after you take out, that’s most probably you over-mixed in this step.

The important part is to shift the hand-mixer to low speed and mix for another few minutes. You need to break the big bubble into smaller and finer bubble. This will make the cake stable and it will not easily break the air during later part. If your mixer is too powerful and you are not sure whether the bubble became fine, just gently whisk with hand for about 50 times (ribbon disappear in 2-3 seconds). There is no harm for gently whisking for a long time ‘before’ you add in flour or butter.

3. Sugar (Granulated sugar or Caster sugar)

     Sugar is very important in making this cake, for moisture and also to stablize the cake. And that’s why genoise always have quite an amount of sugar. So Do not simply change the amount so much from the recipe.

     Also, I’d like to mention here that Caster sugar is slightly finer than Granulated sugar. So if you want to have more moisture and finer cake, you can try using Caster sugar.

4. Adding flour and butter

     When you add flour and butter, careful not to ‘over-mix’. Add flour in about 2-3 times and gently whisk about 5 times each time you add in flour. I normally use whisk and not spatula for this process as it is easier for flour to dissolve into the batter. But when you mix in butter, change to spatula and gently mix for 20-30 times from the bottom of the bowl. If the batter becomes darker yellow and watery, it means you have mixed too much.

     *Butter temperature should be about 40-50 degree. The cold butter wouldn’t mix in well with the batter, and the hot one will kill the air bubble and make a dense and hard cake. I usually melt the butter and leave it in a warm water until use.

5. Pouring into the mold

     Try to pour the batter into a prepared mold all at once. If you touch the batter too many times, the bubble will break and the batter becomes too heavy, once again. If the last batter looks too thick (dark yellow), you either pour at the edge (not in the center), or don’t even bother to pour into the mold.

6. After bake

    After you take out from the oven, drop once or twice from 10cm high on the table top and flip upside down onto the rack while to cool down. The fluffy sponge cannot resist the gravity so it will sink if you don’t flip. 

Strawberry short cake

Keeping those points in mind, I hope you can successfully make a sponge cake and decorate them nicely for your Christmas day!




3 Responses to “Tips to bake a successful Sponge cake!”

  1. Samantha Lai December 9, 2013 at 1:53 am #

    Thanks for the tips.

    Can I know the choc Yule log cake topping /frosting recipes? This year thinking to bake log cake


    Smiles Samantha L


  2. Adrine December 9, 2013 at 2:20 am #

    Thanks for the tips Tomoko. Merry Christmas to you! (i’m sure it’s a better one this year with the latest addition in your family 🙂 )


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