Foret Noir Pound Cake*

28 Dec


I just finished my last class of 2013! Thank you so much for coming to my classes this year! I hope you enjoyed baking with me and learned some new recipes and tips^^!


By the way (to my students who took this class), here is the comparison of the pound cakes made using ‘spatula’ vs. ‘hand-mixer’. The one on the left is hand-mixer and the one on the right is spatula. You can see that the one on the left is more fluffier and looks nicer, but for this type of cake it’s better not to whisk too much because the cake gets too airy and dried. It really depends on what type of cake you are baking and also the recipes, and even among pound cakes they vary depending on the method you use, but for my recipes this Foret Noir pound cake and Pistachio pound cake can be said this way.

Anyway, if it’s too confusing for you, just enjoy baking and eating because all you want in the end is to have a stress release time while baking and see a Big Smile on your family & friends’ face when they eat your cakes!

…Just like I had them with my daughter’s 3 year old birthday cake!




Lastly, have a good year end and Happy New Year! I will see you again in 2014 soon! (I shall be posting schedule in the next few days.)






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