Coffee time*

11 Mar


Today, March 11th, is a memorial day for Japanese. I didn’t experience the earthquake myself, but all the news of the earthquake and tsunami that happened 3 years ago have greatly shaken my feelings. I cannot imagine how much pain my family and friends had gone through at that time… Radioactive, restrictions in energy and transportation, unforeseen future, such has changed people’s lives in Japan and the way they think. It took me a while to go back to Japan after that incident, yet I could still see the damage and change that has brought to people’s life in Japan when I visited there again. But one thing I saw in Japanese was that even in such hardship, they tried to stay positive and help each other by doing what they could do. People felt guilty being happy or smiling at first but they have changed their perspective to ‘being happy brings other people happiness’. They did whatever they could do to help other people’s lives and to cheer them up.

The Malaysian Airline news has given us a great shock and we still don’t know what has happened in real. One thing is that we must thank ourselves and appreciate of what we have and live the best we can…


By the way, hand-dripping coffee makes me fully relaxed. The process, aroma, and the taste… When I make hand-dripping coffee I forget whatever stuff that’s bothering my mind and can fully focus on making the best coffee by looking at the coffee beans and the fresh bubble coming up.





Coffee purely gives me relaxing time.

It’s good to have something that you really like and can do daily, even just a simple thing that refreshes you after a few minutes.




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