Coffea Coffee @ KL!

14 May




I just finished my 3rd session of Coffee Making and Macaron Master Course!

It has been an exciting and enjoyable time for me to conduct this course, as I see my students learning new things about coffee and also improving making coffee and macarons throughout the course. The photo is the macarons we made in the last class, which flavors are blueberry cheesecake, raspberry, mango and passion fruits chocolate. It’s also good for the students that they can bring back a box full of macarons (30-40pcs each day)!


By the way, today I would like to share some exciting news about the change in Malaysian coffee! “Pour over” style of coffee making has finally  brought into Malaysia! This was a great shocking news for me when one of my students told me to check out the other day.



Coffea Coffee @ The CURVE

Honestly, there were a few shops serving ‘pour over’ coffee even before, and I have been seeing the trend of various coffee shops and coffee being introduced to Malaysia in the last 8 years of living here. But I would say this could be the very first coffee shop that specializes in ‘pour over’ style, which is my favorite way of making coffee and have been introducing in my 3 Day Coffee & Macaron Course.

The shop is called Coffea Coffee, and is a Korean coffee shop that was brought over end of last year. They now have 4 outlets in Bangsar, The Curve, Sunway, Subang and I’ve visited the shop in The Curve and Subang.

I liked the shop in The Curve because it was very modern design with glass windows and cozy wooden table and chairs.



Impressive sign board @ The Curve

I’m sure my students know what they are talking about here… ^^






They have more than 10 kinds of single origin coffee, and all the coffees are roasted in Korea. Here, you must try their COE (Cup of Excellence) coffee, which has won some prestigious awards among the coffee. COE coffee was a bit pricier (RM20/cup) than the normal single origin coffee (RM10-RM15/cup), but it’s worth trying out! Also, they are having a weekday promotion right now and you can get RM15 for any coffee + muffins Or RM10 for any coffee (if I’m not mistaken).





So far I’ve tried the one from El Salvador (COE), Ethiopia Yirgachef G1 (Single origin) and Ethiopia Harrar G4 (Single origin) and all of them were good with nice aroma and clear taste. Some distinct uniqueness in aroma.

Of course they also have other types of espresso based coffee (cappuccino, cafe latte, etc), so I can’t wait to try out in my next visit!






Thank you for visiting my blog, always^^.




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