Whisk @ 1 Utama

16 May






Speaking of “Pour Over” coffee, Whisk @ 1 U has also started serving coffee this way. Well, it seems like they had it for a while but didn’t promote them (French press & Pour over) until recently. I have visited Whisk a few times before in both Empire mall and 1 U outlets and didn’t notice it… I like their ambience.

This day that I went was early in the morning on weekday, so I got to chit chat with the guy who was making me coffee. There were 2 types of coffee beans from Ethiopia, one was roasted in Germany and another one from Singapore, and I chose the one from Singapore. Both were RM10/cup.

“Pour over” coffee usually takes about 3-5 minutes to prepare. We shouldn’t really disturb them when they are making, hehe, because they need some concentration to make a good cup of coffee… I noticed both shops, Coffea Coffee and Whisk, use timer to check the time of pouring. But I don’t really use timer nor thermometer because when I am making a coffee I want to focus on the water touching the beans. It really goes down fast when you blink an eye or move away to get something.


Anyway, here is how it was served!




Very nice presentation!

I couldn’t help thinking they can only serve this way when they are few demands. And I didn’t want to break their precious server so quickly returned back to them after pouring them into my cup.




The taste was very nice but it went cold and sour very quickly. But anyway, this type of coffee is meant to be finished within 10-15 minutes!






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