Mango Rare Cheesecake*

5 Jun



Hi there!

So this is the photo of Mango Cheesecake! As some of you may have noticed, I made change on the topping mango cream part from the previous photo and made it creamier. From bottom; Digestive cookie crust, hazelnuts crumble, rare cheesecake, and mango passion cream!





Oh yes, we have a surprise in this cake! This one, the one that everyone thinks it’s a banana is actually hazelnuts crumble! It’s not as crunchy as the crumble you put on top of the muffins (because of the size and baking time), but goes very well with the cake.

Mango and passion goes very well too and adds freshness to this cake! In the class we will put in fresh mango as well.




This cake goes very well with coffee… and my daughter loved this cake, too…





I will be repeating this class with Cranberry & White chocolate scone sometime in July. So if you are interested in class, please look forward to it!


Thanks for visiting my blog ^^!




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