Carrot Cake*

6 Jun



We are having American Sweets Special class tomorrow! It’s been a while since I conducted (Season) Special Class! Special class is always fun with many things going on^^… And the menu for this class will be everyone’s favorite; Blueberry Muffin, Carrot Cake and Cinnamon roll!

The photo is one of our menu – Carrot Cake. I have taught this cake a few years ago in children class, but made some change to suit our adult taste. Well, kids will sure love this taste too as my 3 year old daughter proves it!




I was testing the cake many many times and was also thinking what shape to bake with… square? round? or mini?

Many of my students commented mini size is cute! But I also like the round shape as the first photo. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Carrot cake is quite a popular item in cafes in Malaysia and it’s mostly a large round size with cream cheese frosting. Mine is also cream cheese frosting but my cake size will be cute Japanese 15cm size!



I personally like cinnamon spice, so put some cinnamon, walnuts and cranberry in this cake. It’s lovely and delicious cake…^^







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