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Eclair au Cafe & Eclair au Caramel*

24 Jul




Hari Raya holiday is coming soon! So what is your plan for this holiday? Visiting family, relatives, travelling… or baking ^^*?

As for me, I will have classes till this weekend and will close shop from next Monday to Wednesday! I don’t have any plan during my holiday but sure will have some relaxing time with my family between my classes.

By the way, this Sunday we have Eclair au Cafe & Eclair au Caramel class! I have done many choux pastry classes in the past, but this one is specially focused on eclair making. Eclair is very similar to cream puff making, but the difference is in its long shape and slightly harder texture. It’s slightly more difficult to make but if you follow the right steps you can make a beautiful and delicious eclairs!





We will make 2 kinds of eclairs in the class: Eclair au Cafe, eclairs with coffee cream and coating chocolate. And Eclair au Caramel, eclairs with salty bittersweet caramel and crispy hazelnuts on top. This crispy hazelnuts was a big hit among my family and friends who have tried them out!

You get to bring back Eclair au Cafe (7 pcs) and Eclair au Caramel (8 pcs), both in 12cm length.


Here are the class schedules;


DATE & TIME:    July 27th (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm – FULL

                                August 22nd (Fri.) 1:00pm-4:30pm

FEE:                       RM195.00 (RM149.00 for members)  



If you are interested in joining class, please contact me at (Tomoko). Thanks for visiting my blog and I am looking forward to hearing from you!!!




August 2014 Class Schedule*

15 Jul



Hello there! Today I would like to post our August 2014 Class Schedule! As some of you know, I went back to Japan for 2 weeks last month^^. It was a refreshing trip for me and my family. We got to try out many pastries as well as good coffee there! I brought back many coffee beans and am enjoying them every day…

So in August class, I would like to try out some new ideas I got while I was in Japan! Here are the class details. Please also refer to the class calender.

*By the way, my phone broke down a few days ago… so please contact me by email. Thanks!



1. Apricot Pistachio Pound Cake & Apricot Blanc Manger – Basic Class –



Pistachio pound cake with comported apricot


Blanc manger apricot

*Photo is mango. In class we use apricot.



DATE & TIME:    August 9th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm – FULL

                                August 24th (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm – 1 more seat left!

FEE:                       RM195.00 (RM149.00 for members)    



2. Lemon Cheesecake & Pistachio Finacier – Basic Class –



Hazelnuts streusel crust, Cheesecake and Lemon cream


Pistachio cake with pitted cherry



DATE & TIME:    August 13th (Wed.) 11:00am-2:30pm – FULL

                                August 30th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm – 1 more seat left!

FEE:                       RM195.00 (RM149.00 for members)


3. Eclair au Caramel Sale & Eclair au Cafe *Repeat! – Basic Class –



Eclair au cafe


 Salted Caramel Eclair with crunchy hazelnuts


DATE & TIME:     August 22nd (Fri.) 1:00pm-4:30pm – FULL

FEE:                       RM195.00 (RM149.00 for members)  


4. Bread Class ~ Snow White Bread & Chocolate Walnuts Bagel ~





DATE & TIME:    August 28th (Thurs.) 11:00am-2:00pm – FULL

FEE:                       RM195.00 (RM149.00 for members)  


5. Specialty Coffee & Macaron Framboise Class – Special Class –        

*Limited to Coffee & Macaron Master Course graduates only*  




This is a class designed for “3 Day Coffee Making and Macaron Master Course” graduates to enhance their knowledge on coffee making and macaron making. Students who want to further learn about coffee and macaron making, please come and join our unique class!

For students who are newly interested in joining the 3 Day Course, we have class in August (you will be entitled to join the Specialty Coffee class as well^^). Please check the class details below!




Here are the class details.

<Coffee Comparison>

– Learn “Cupping”: Using different kind of coffee beans from commercial beans to specialty coffee beans (COE beans) which I brought back from Japan, you will learn how to do the “coffee cupping”, which is a way to observe the coffee aromas and tastes.

– Pour over coffee: You will practice hand-dripping coffee again. (Beans: Specialty coffee beans/ COE coffee beans, Kaldi brand coffee beans, Brazil Santos, etc.) Let’s try out classmate’s coffee!



We will bake lovely raspberry tower macarons in French meringue method (6cm size x 6pcs).


DATE & TIME:    August 3rd (Sun.) 11:00am-4:00pm                                

                                September 7th (Sun.) 11:00am-4:00pm

FEE:                       RM195.-



6. Coffee Making and Macaron Master Course: Master The Fine Art of Coffee Making and Macarons



This 3 day course is designed to provide the skills and knowledge of coffee and macaron making, focusing on Japanese hand-dripped (pour over) style of coffee making. It is known as the best way of making coffee and all participants will learn hands-on the techniques of how most coffee is made in cafes in Japan and Korea, as well as a detailed history and the characteristics of beans from different regions around the world.




The course is also intended to immerse you into the mastery of macaron making. Participants will be taught more than 10 kinds of macarons by both French and Italian meringue. The course is fully hands on and baking materials and ingredients are all provided. All participants will receive a certificate of completion from Caramel Factory!



Course Details


– Introduction To Hand-Dripping Coffee

– History of Coffee: Arabica and Robusta

– Countries and Roast grade

– Step by Step of Making Hand -Dripping Coffee: Make your own Coffee by HARIO method

– Comparison of different kinds of coffee beans (Brazil Santos, Guatemala, Kenya AA, Ethiopian, Papua New Guinea, Blue Mountain, etc.) – Iced Coffee Making (Cooling method) 

– Introduction to Other Coffee Making Techniques: Syphon, Espresso machine and Mocha pot  



DSC_3208   macarons photo


Italian meringueBelgium Chocolate Macaron, Apricot Chocolat Macaron, Caramel Macaron, Vanilla Macaron, Green Tea Macaron, Royal Milk Tea Macaron, Blueberry Cheesecake Macaron

French meringue: Lemon Macaron, Mango Macaron, Raspberry Macaron, Passion Fruit Chocolat Macaron  

FEE:                       RM1,290.-

*6 students maximum. For details of this class, please refer to my post Coffee Making & Macaron Master Course.


Here are the class schedule;

August 16th (Sat.) 17th (Sun.)
September 6th (Sat.)
October  TBD  TBD  TBD

To register for the class, please email me at (Tomoko). Thank you for visiting our site and I will be looking forward to hearing from you!!!




July 2014 Class Schedule*

8 Jul


Hi there! I came back from Japan last weekend and am catching up with stuffs. I had a class last weekend and was happy to see some of my students again^^.

Anyways, here is July 2014 class schedule. Most of the classes are currently full, but we still have seats for July 12th (Sat.) Hazelnuts Caramel Banana Tart class and July 15th (Tues.) Mango Cheesecake class. Also, for other classes we can put you on the waiting list so please don’t hesitate to contact me ( if you are interested in. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!


<July 2014 class Schedule>

1. Eclair au Caramel Sale & Eclair au Cafe *New! – Basic Class –


*This is a photo from previous Eclair lesson but the recipe will be completely different!


DATE & TIME:     July 27th (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm – FULL

FEE:                       RM195.00 (RM149.00 for members)





2. Summer Orange Pound Cake & Mascarpone Puff *Request* – Basic Class –




DATE & TIME:    July 5th (Sat.)   11:00am-2:30pm – Finished

FEE:                       RM195.00 (RM149.00 for members)


3. Hazelnuts Caramel Banana Tart & Hazelnuts Cocoa Sable – Premier Class –


Crispy hazelnuts tart, hazelnuts creme d’amande  with caramelized banana and hazelnuts


Hazelnuts cocoa sable

Cocoa sable with crunchy hazelnuts


DATE & TIME:    July 12th (Sat.)    11:00am-3:00pm 

FEE:                      RM210.00 (RM169.00 for members)



4. Hokkaido Chiffon Cake & Miroir Cookie *Request* – Basic Class –




DATE & TIME:    July 26th (Sat.)   1:00pm-4:30pm – FULL

FEE:                       RM195.00 (RM149.00 for members)



5.  Mango Cheesecake (Non-baked type) & Cranberry Scone *Request* – Premier Class – 

Mango Rare cheesecake

Non-baked type of cheesecake with fresh mango!


Cranberry and white chocolate scone


DATE & TIME:    July 15th (National Holiday)  11:00am-3:00pm – 1 more seat left! 

FEE:                       RM210.00 (RM169.00 for members)



6. American Sweets Special! ~ Blueberry & Cream cheese Muffin, Carrot Cake and Cinnabon ~ – Season Special –



DATE & TIME:    July 20th (Sun.)    1:00pm-5:30pm – FULL

                               July 31st (Thurs.)  11:00am-3:30pm – FULL

FEE:                      RM250.00 (RM195.00 for members)


Coffee Making and Macaron Master Course is coming soon in August!



To register for the class, please email me at (Tomoko). Thank you for visiting our site and I will be looking forward to hearing from you!!!