My son’s 1st Birthday Party!

5 Sep



Last weekend I held a party for our son’s 1st year Birthday!!! It was a tea-time party on Murdeka Day and we invited couple of our friends and family to our house. Unlike my daughter, who is now 3 years 9 months old and is into all the princess stuff, my little boy still doesn’t have any character or toy that he likes. So I decided to go with baby blue color and a whale theme (just in my head… ^^). 

I made my signature!? macarons in pastel blue & white color,




made “pinata” in a whale shape, 


 Yes, this is papa & mama hand-made pinata!


And my son wore a Japanese whale costume called “jinbei (甚平)“. Well, this was a coincidence…


Hitting pinata was quite an exciting thing.


Each kids took turn to hit the pinata.


So did my daughter.


But my son seemed to have enjoyed the most!


DSC_0441 DSC_0442 

The kids were mostly between 1 ~ 4 years old and they were too young to break it open.  



So I had to help them in the end and finally…


The goodies came out! Hooray!


We also did some other games and kids enjoyed playing around the house.




As for my birthday boy, he enjoyed eating, following other kids to play,



And singing karaoke. 


I was so happy to see everyone’s happy face, especially my little boy! He might not remember this moment but as a parent, I was very happy that we held a memorable party for my little son! Happy Birthday Dylan!




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