Hinamatsuri Celebration*

6 Mar


March 3rd is a Children Day for girls in Japan (Boys’ on May 5th)!

This was the 5th time we celebrated the day for Hanae. As an annual event, we took out traditional Japanese Hinamatsuri doll from the box a few weeks ago and decorated in the living room. Luckily our son didn’t pay much attention to this and kept it safe. As for Hanae, she was more curious to this event than last year, perhaps after learning the meaning and details in her Japanese kindergarten!

The day itself happened to be a school holiday for Hanae, so I decided to take them to 1U Jusco to get some cultural experience and ingredients for our dinner. I expected there to have some sort of Hinamatsuri food or snacks, but they didn’t have any to my disappointment…


But we managed to get vegetables and ingredients and started preparing for our dinner from early afternoon.

Hanae (and Dylan?) helped me prepare!


We made Chirashi-sushi dish ^^*. 

Chirashi-sushi normally contains carrot, mushroom (boiled and sweetened with soy sauce and sugar), lotus (boiled and soaked into vinegar and sugar), kinshi tamago (a very thin sliced egg), prawn, green bean and others in sushi vinegar rice. It’s a colorful celebration dish.

We also made karaage, soup and milk pudding for dessert. All together with Hanae.


“I can’t wait to eat my dinner~♪”



Seeing Hanae help me so much and enjoying the whole process, I felt she has grown so much in the last one year ^^*.

Happy Children Day, Hana!

Hanae 3yrs

*Hinamatsuri 2014 – Hanae 3yrs old*


One Response to “Hinamatsuri Celebration*”

  1. Rohani March 10, 2015 at 3:49 pm #

    Hi Tomoko,

    I noticed the ‘pink toy tea trolley’ in the above picture and had the same for my daughter. What a con-incidence, huhu!


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