Green Tea Swirl Cheesecake & Lemon Cake*

18 Apr

Hi there!

We just finished our first class of Green Tea Swirl Cheesecake & Lemon Cake class! Thank you so much for students who joined my class today!


This Green Tea Swirl Cheesecake is a New York Style – baked cheesecake. It’s very simple and yummy, so I myself have baked this cheesecake many times. Recently my daughter likes to help me bake, so this simple cake was perfect to bake together during her one month Spring holiday^^!

We have white chocolate inside, which goes very well with the green tea.


Another cake we bake is this lovely Lemon Cake! Yes, it’s in lemon shape!

I don’t know why but in Japan, this lemon cake is one of our traditional cakes. It’s getting less common these days, but my mother also used to bake this lemon cake occasionally and I remember it vividly. The 12 lemon shape molds were given to me when I got married and moved to Malaysia ^^*.

The cake is normally coated with white chocolate or yellow colored coating chocolate, and is also wrapped in a “special lemon cake wrapper”!

Like this!

lemon cake2

lemon cake4

Isn’t it cute^^?

It’s a simple Lemon butter cake but I hope you enjoy some Japanese traditional cake in my class!

Thank you so much for visiting our Caramel Factory blog and always supporting us!




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