Passion Chocolat Mousse & Chocolat Florintin*

19 Apr


Our New menu for the April premier class is Passion Chocolat Mousse and Florintin Chocolat. It’s a good class for chocolate lovers, hehe.

Passion Chocolat Mousse is consisted of; Crunchy chocolat feuilletine at the bottom, two layers of biscuit chocolat (chocolate cake), passion creme, two layers of chocolat mousse (with a hint of earl grey tea), and glacage chocolat. So total… 7 layers!?

It looks like the Opera cake, but it’s lighter and perhaps easier to eat because it is a  mousse base cake compared to butter cream base Opera cake.


I have tried out many times to perfect this recipe… so I hope that this rather complicated cake will bring you to heaven… ^^.


We will bake Chocolat Florintin together. Bottom is pate sucre chocolat (chocolate tart crust) and top is crispy almond nougat.

It goes very well with coffee!


One Response to “Passion Chocolat Mousse & Chocolat Florintin*”

  1. khorhmin April 21, 2015 at 12:45 am #

    I always love looking at your delicious photos. 🙂

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