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Moist Green Tea Swirl Pound Cake & Blood Orange Mousse*

25 Jun


The New recipe for July class is Moist Green Tea Swirl Pound Cake & Blood Orange Mousse!

I had been introducing many kinds of pound cakes in the past, some with sugar butter method, some with egg yolk and egg white separated (meringue), and some using genoise (sponge) type. This one will be the major sugar butter method. And we will add some ingredients to increase moisture in the cake!


Making a nice green tea swirl will be an exciting and challenging part of this cake^^*!


Another recipe for this class is; Blood Orange Mousse. It’s the first time I introduce “Blood Orange” in my recipe.

There are two layers; bottom is a blood orange mousse using anglaise sauce, and top is a dense blood orange jelly. You can enjoy the contrast and harmony in your mouth^^. For presentation, we will scatter top jelly like the photo.

The mousse can be used for other parts of desserts such as on top of the tart, just like mango tart, tart dijion and passion pie.


It’s very nice and refreshing cold dessert for the hot summer!

Here is the date for this class;

DATE:       July 11th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm

                  July 15th (Wed.) 11:00am-2:30pm

FEE:          RM200 (RM159 for members)

For registration, please contact me by email; (Tomoko).

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July 2015 Class Schedule*

22 Jun

Happy Ramadan Month to all my muslim friends! And thanks for waiting for my July 2015 class schedule!

As I have decided to go back to Japan in late July to early August, we will be having limited classes in July. I received many pound cake class request from students, so I would like to introduce moist Japanese green tea swirl pound cake with white chocolate chip as our new recipe! I will also be repeating pistachio pound cake class and some popular cheesecake classes. So next month will be Pound Cake & Cheesecake month^^!

Here is the class schedule;

1. Moist Green Tea Swirl Pound Cake & Blood Orange Mousse – Basic Class –


Green Tea Pound & White Chocolate Pound Cake!

blood orange

Two Layers of Blood Orange Mousse

DATE:       July 11th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm

                 July 15th (Wed.) 11:00am-2:30pm

FEE:          RM200 (RM159 for members)

2. Mango Cheesecake & Cranberry Scone *Request* – Premier Class – Mango Rare cheesecake

Non-baked type of cheesecake with fresh mango!


Cranberry and white chocolate scone

For details of this class, kindly refer to Mango Rare Cheesecake Class!

DATE & TIME:     July 4th (Sat.)  11:00am-3:00pm – FULL  

FEE:                     RM210.00 (RM169.00 for members)

3. Pistachio Pound & Chilled yogurt cake *Request* – Basic Class –

DSC_0788Pistachio & Vanilla marble pound cake with pitted cherry

yogurt cakeChilled yogurt cake with homemade berry sauce on top

For details of this class, kindly refer to Pistachio Pound Cake Class.

DATE:       July 12th (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm  

FEE:          RM200 (RM159  for members)

4. Raspberry Cheesecake & Ginger bread cookie *Request* – Premier Class – 

Non-baked type of layer cheesecake with sable, biscuit joconde, and raspberry accent in between.


Cinnamon spice ginger man cookie!

DATE:        July 7th (Tues.) 11:00am-3:00pm  – FULL

    FEE:       RM210 (RM169  for members)

To register for classes, please contact me by email; (Tomoko).

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!!!

members) To register for classes, please contact me by email; (Tomoko). Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!!!

Passion Chocolat Mousse*

15 Jun


Another idea on decorating Passion Chocolat Mousse cake with petit macarons.


Bon appetit!

Season Special Class*

11 Jun


Every once in a while, I conduct a Season Special Class. This class is designed to celebrate special occasion and enjoy many sweets over a cup of tea in Afternoon Tea style! It’s a fun lesson and because of the longer course, we also get to bake some items that takes longer time^^.

For the June Season Special Class, we are baking 5 items such as;

– Passion Chocolat Pie

– Cheesecake Pie

– Apple Hazelnut Financier

– Galettes Passion

– Almond Chocolat Sable


This pie is consisted of; Pate a Brisee (quick pie crust), Chocolat Feuilletine, Biscuit chocolat, Hazelnut Praline Mousse, and Passion Mousse.

This cake idea came from Passion Chocolat Mousse, which we did in April Premier Class. Passion Chocolat Mousse was a chocolate layer cake with a hint of passion flavor. For this Passion Mousse, it will be the other way round!


Another pie recipe! I have always wanted to bake cheesecake pie. It’s simple yet delicious cake.

<Hazelnuts Apple Finacier>


Financier is a French style butter cake using beurre noisette (burnt butter) and egg white. The texture is moist and a bit chewy. We will bake with apple and almond slice this time.



Galettes Bretonnes is a French style cookie from Bretonnes region, famous for nice butter and salt. It’s normally baked in a circle ring like the photo. In the class we sandwich passion cream inside and bake them together. You can change the cream to other flavors such as raspberry, chocolate and others. This cookie is also suited for gift. It’s nice to be eaten both warm and cold^^.


This is an iced box type of cookie which is suited to bake many at once. You can freeze and bake it whenever you want. It’s crispy and nice!

Here is the schedule for this class;

DATE & TIME:         June 7th (Sun.) 11:00am-3:30pm – FULL

June 12th (Fri.) 11:00am-3:30pm – 1 more seat left!

June 20th (Sat.) 11:00am-3:30pm – FULL

To register for class, kindly contact me by email: (Tomoko).

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you!