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Espresso? Or hand-pour coffee?

21 Sep


Which coffee do I prefer to drink, espresso-based cappuccino/late or hand-pour single origin?

My answer is both.

At home, I make them 50:50. At cafe, I order them 60:40, simply because there are not so many cafes yet to have very good hand-pour coffee. But whenever I go to a coffee specialised place, I tend to order hand-pour single origin coffee.

I like to drink espresso-based cafe late as my first cup of coffee in the morning (perhaps because my body desires a mild start of the day), and hand-pour in the afternoon for a fresh change. Coffee without milk goes well with the sweets like macarons and chocolate cakes.


Last weekend I went to CAFFA 2015 (Coffee & Art Frindge Festival Asia) held in Publika, and I got a new CHEMEX. It’s so stylish and nice and just looking at it makes your coffee time worthing. The taste is slightly clearer than the Hario style hand-drip. I get most of my beans at BEAM @ Sri Damansara, which I mentioned in my blog about a year ago. I think their beans are still by far the best in KL.


Whatever the method is; espresso, Hario, Chemex, Syphone, etc., each of them have its characteristics so I enjoy in which method to make every time I brew coffee!




14 Sep


Hi there!

I’d like to post some macaron photos that I made recently.

Flavours: Dark chocolate, Salted Caramel and Raspberry ganache



Many of my original macarons were buttercream base but I was testing the other kinds. I liked this sticky caramel and vivid raspberry flavours.. yum yum…


Flavours: Royal Milk (Earl Grey) Tea, Passion Chocolat, Dark Chocolate & Raspberry

This time I made raspberry macarons in heart shape ^^.

I’ve been making so many macarons that even my 2-year-old son is addicted to it….


This is when we celebrated his 2nd birthday in end of August!

I baked Strawberry Short cake and many macarons for his birthday!




My daughter helped me make this Strawberry Short cake.

Genoise sponge was prepared by me while she was in school, and after school we went to buy strawberry and decorated the cake together. It was fun!



Nothing can beat your children’s smile… ^^*