Espresso? Or hand-pour coffee?

21 Sep


Which coffee do I prefer to drink, espresso-based cappuccino/late or hand-pour single origin?

My answer is both.

At home, I make them 50:50. At cafe, I order them 60:40, simply because there are not so many cafes yet to have very good hand-pour coffee. But whenever I go to a coffee specialised place, I tend to order hand-pour single origin coffee.

I like to drink espresso-based cafe late as my first cup of coffee in the morning (perhaps because my body desires a mild start of the day), and hand-pour in the afternoon for a fresh change. Coffee without milk goes well with the sweets like macarons and chocolate cakes.


Last weekend I went to CAFFA 2015 (Coffee & Art Frindge Festival Asia) held in Publika, and I got a new CHEMEX. It’s so stylish and nice and just looking at it makes your coffee time worthing. The taste is slightly clearer than the Hario style hand-drip. I get most of my beans at BEAM @ Sri Damansara, which I mentioned in my blog about a year ago. I think their beans are still by far the best in KL.


Whatever the method is; espresso, Hario, Chemex, Syphone, etc., each of them have its characteristics so I enjoy in which method to make every time I brew coffee!




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