Mid-Autumn Festival

16 Sep



Hope you are enjoying this long weekend!

Yesterday was Mid-autumn festival (中秋節) and we could see a beautiful full moon. Just a couple days ago the moon still looked small, so I was quite surprised to see that it really became full moon in 2-3 days. Kids enjoyed walking the neighbourhood with lanterns on their hands. They liked it so much that we did this a few times this week ^^.





In Japan, we also have similar tradition in the middle of September called Otsukimi“(お月見), Tsuki means moon and Mi means see. For us we celebrate looking at the beautiful full moon having rice ball mochi. We don’t walk with lantern but it’s interesting that we have same moon celebration around the same time.




Following Chinese tradition, I bought several types of mooncake this year. My personal favorite is lian yong (lotus paste) mooncake (I like lian yong pau too!), and I got both baked type and snow skin type. Both with single egg yolk, as double egg yolk was already sold out for this brand when I got them. For me, single egg yolk is enough anyway ^^*.


dsc_1680 Snow Skin Type


My mother-in-law gave me this black sesame flavor mooncake and it was good, too! Together she gave me the round one from Ipoh. It’s nice to try those seasonal & traditional desserts.

Hope I get to try some next year again!!!

Thanks for visiting Caramel Factory blog!


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