Pastries for the festive season*

16 Dec


Hi there! Festive season is coming. Have you been busy shopping for your friends and family^^? I haven’t gotten a chance to go out since both of my kids fell sick the last 2 weeks… Hope we can go out during the Christmas break.

But I have been baking^^..

Our Christmas style baking class is ongoing! I still have available spots for these classes;

December 17th (Sat.) 11am-2:30pm: Japanese Strawberry Short Cake

December 18th (Sun.) 11am-2:30pm: Choux de Noel 

December 23rd (Fri.) 11am-3pm: Entremet de Noel

For details, kindly look up to my blog post December 2016 Class Schedule.


By the way, I’d like to share couple of cake photos I took during my last trip to Japan. The first photo is Black Forest cake from patisserie de bon coeur @ Musashi-Koyama. The dense chocolate mousse and pitted cherries are sandwiched by biscuit chocolat, and is decorated by pistachio chantilly.

This is a pumpkin choux, a cookie cream puff with pumpkin custard and I believe it was also pistachio chantilly. I got it in the same shop as above. This is one of my favorite shop in Tokyo and I always visit there when I go back home.


This is Mont Blanc cake from the famouse shop called Angelina. It’s from Paris, France, and they have a branch in Ginza, Tokyo. The shop is popular for their mont blanc. I got three flavours; Original mont blanc, Caramel mont blanc and Pumpkin mont blanc. They all tasted so delicious. Since I visited Japan during Halloween season, many pastry shops carried pumpkin related cakes.


This is Yakigashi, petit gateaux, I bought back from Patisserie de Mont Plus in Kobe. The Yakigashi is mostly madeleine and financier with fig, caramel and some fruits. The vivid red color is from raspberry.


Another famouse patisserie in Kobe, L’Avenue. Their cakes were the best in this trip. It was my first time to visit the Kobe city and I was very impressed by their choice of food and pastries.


I also posted some trip photos in my facebook.


These rather complicated looking cakes are from another patisserie in Tokyo, Au bon vieux temps. The chef Kawada is one of the pioneers who brought in French pastries to Japan. His cakes were unique and has so much complexity in one bite…

If you happen to travel to Japan, I hope you get to try some of the pastries there. It’s delicious and has many history behind it. Thanks for reading and have a great Christmas holidays!




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