Sachertorte & Apricot Sable*

9 Feb

DSC_0720 copy.JPG

Our February basic class menu is Sachertorte, a traditional chocolate cake invented in Vienna, Austria. It was invented during 19th century for the prince and the nobleman, and was served at Demel and Hotel Sacher. It immediately became popular and has become one of the most popular souvenirs in Austria! This traditional moist chocolate cake is sandwiched with apricot jam and is coated with fondant chocolat / glacage au chocolat. It is normally served chill with whipped cream at the side.

DSC_0733 copy.JPG

Following the Demel & Hotel Sacher style, we will bake biscuit sacher in 6″ round ring, sandwich with our homemade apricot jam, and coat with glacage au chocolat. I will also introduce you a new glacage au chocolat recipe.

You can bake this cake for the Saint Valentine’s Day!


Another menu for this class is Apricot sable, a cookie sandwiched with apricot jam. It is also nice to be eaten chilled.

Here is our class schedule;

DATE:      February 12th (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm – FULL

                  February 18th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm – FULL            

    FEE:      RM200 (RM159  for members)

  • I will be repeating this class in March. Thanks!

If you are interested in joining the class, kindly email me at (Tomoko).

Thank and I look forward to hearing from you!!!




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