Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

19 Feb




Last week was Saint Valentine’s Day. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is quite a big event and will become the busiest day for the chocolate shops and other shops that sell chocolates. I believe in other countries such as America and France as well! The choice of chocolate is so much that people advertise their products from month before and customers (mostly women) think for many days and weeks what chocolate to give to who this year. (Yes, in Japan, it is a day that women give chocolates to men that she cares for…!)

School girls make chocolate for the boy she likes, getting their mothers’ help… And many married women and family with children make homemade chocolate for their husbands and fathers. It is quite a happening event in Japan!




So as for me, on top of the Sachertorte Cake I have been making, I baked Chocolate Chip Cookies with my children. Well, this was actually not so related to St. Valentine’s Day, since I follow American custom and “I” should be getting something from my husband… ahem… but my daughter wanted to eat so we made it together.




This is a chewy type of chocolate cookies that I taught in my class before ^^.




It was me and my children that ate most of the cookies but I was glad to bake chocolate cakes and cookies during February, the month of chocolate!







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