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November & December 2017 Class Schedule*

13 Nov



Dear all,

Hope you are doing well! I’d like to post November & December 2017 class schedule. We will be conducting a few season special class, Autumn Special Pumpkin Tart, X’mas Special Buche de Noel and another X’mas cake Foret Noir Pistache. Hope to see you all in my upcoming classes!

Here is the detail of our classes;

1. Pumpkin Mont Blanc Tart – Autumn Special Class – 


DATE:       November 26th (Sunday.) 11:00am-3:00pm 

FEE:          RM330 (RM250 for members)


2. Buche de Noel Pistache – X’mas Special Class –

DSC_0421 copy

X’mas cake vol.1! Buche de Noel (log cake) in pistachio flavour.

We will bake pistachio rollcake, roll it with pistachio chantilly and pitted cherry. The coating cream will be another pistachio creme moussline (creme patissiere + butter + pistachio paste) that you will enjoy pistachio flavour in every parts of the cake. We will decorate with berries and X’mas items. Enjoy X’mas festive season with your special cake.

DATE:       December 7th (Thursday) 11:00am-3:00pm

                   December 16th (Saturday) 11:00am-3:00pm

 FEE:          RM330 (RM250 for course student)



3. Foret Noir Pistache – X’mas Special Class –

X’mas cake vol.2! Foret Noir (Black Forest) with pistachio cream.

I have taught Foret Noir cake in the class before, and this will be a new recipe! We will bake moist chocolate cake and sandwich chocolate mousse with lots of pitted cherry inside. Other parts are crispy pate feuilletine and pistachio chantilly. We will decorate this cake with berries and X’mas items. Enjoy your X’mas festive season with your original cake.

DATE:       December 17th (Sunday) 11:00am-3:00pm

                   December 23rd (Saturday) 11:00am-3:00pm

 FEE:          RM330 (RM250 for course student)


For registration, kindly email me at (Tomoko). Thank you so much and looking forward to hearing from you!!