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Wrapping up 2014!

23 Dec



It’s been a very busy month for me! I blinked and it’s already the end of the year! My family and friends in Japan have already started their Christmas & New Year Holidays (in Japan, this is our biggest holiday of the year) and I am excited to spend my New Year holidays with my family in Singapore next week! Before that, I have a few more classes to go~. I have been enjoying baking many Christmas cakes & cookies with my students this month. I also baked a large Black Forest Cake for my daughter’s 4th Birthday party yesterday. Look!


I was thinking what birthday cake to bake until the last minute, but I ended up making this Black Forest because it was so popular among my students ^^. I also baked some macarons in pink and purple color, with my favorite vanilla and chocolate flavors.



I made over 100 pcs and they were snapped up within a few minutes! Yeppie~! I am thinking of baking Strawberry Short Cake for Christmas. So what’s your ‘baking plan’ for the holiday?

By the way, sorry to keep you all waiting for the January 2015 schedule. I will be posting them tomorrow, so please keep yourself posted. Thanks a lot for always supporting me and Caramel Factory!

Cheers, Tomoko




The Fine Pastry & Dessert Panel @ Pastry Pro

11 Apr


The other day I was invited to The Fine Pastry & Dessert Panel held at Pastry Pro

Pastry Pro is one of my suppliers and they carry various types of high quality ingredients and tools from all over the world. I was so happy to find out about this company a couple years ago when I was doing research for my shop, because many of the items I used to use in Japan were not so easy to get around.

The panel was conducted by A Master Chef Werner Schanzl from Germany!


Mango & Raspberry Gelato

It was mostly an introduction of Dreidoppel pastry mix and fruits paste, and we got to taste various types of pastry and desserts such as; Italian gelato, creme brulee, tartlet, finacier, mousse and others (10 over kinds!).

I don’t use pre-mix in my class, but I use various types of paste (hazelnuts paste, pistachio paste, cappucino paste, etc) so the fruits paste was interesting. Even for the pre-mix, I was so amazed by its convenience and also the delicious taste.


For instance, this Florentin was made by florentin premix. All you need to do is to combine the same amount of florentin premix and nuts. Two minutes of preparation and into the oven!

Of course I make my own florentin from the scratch (I introduced in my class last year), so I was so surprised to see this item.

Chef also demonstrated couple of cold desserts.


Yogurt & Cranberry Mousse


Blackberry Mousse


My favorite was this Creme Brulee! It tasted so good!


This Blanc Manger was very good, too. I make a lot of blanc manger, so it was interesting to compare mine with others. This one was more creamy and richer in taste. The mango topping is mixture of fresh mango and mango sauce.

Fruits sauce and fruits paste can make the pastry have nice finishing and also can increase the variety of taste, so I found it quite useful. Hope to introduce you some of them in my future class!

Thank u for always visiting my blog^^.

Raya is coming soon!

13 Aug

One more week and Raya holiday is coming!

My Ramadan weeks started quietly with couple of orders and classes here and there, then suddenly big orders started to come in for the special events and ‘buka puasa’. So for the past two weeks I was in the kitchen every day trying to catch up with those orders and made thousands of macarons, cupcakes and other cakes.

It’s always my delight and pleasure to be able to supply my sweets in those special family and friends gatherings. Thank you so much for choosing my place!

Here are some of the photos I managed to take; Colorful Raya macarons and Swiss rolls!

I made about 40 Swiss rolls.

Thank you so much for all your supports!!!

Updates on Caramel Factory!

20 Jun

Hi there!

It’s been a while since I made my last post. So sorry for no updates!

I’d been quite busy working on my new project… I will be publishing my first book soon! It’s supposed to be launched next month in July – during Ramadan period! I got this exciting offer several weeks ago and since then I have been working on it in between my classes. The book will be basically a collection of some of my recipes and photos together with the baking tips and lifestyle segments, and it will be in Malay and English. Please look forward to it^^!

By the way, here are some of the class photos of last weekends.

Summer Orange Pound Cake

This young girl attended the class with her mother^^!

Japanese Cream Puff

Japanese Snow White Bread

We will bake this plain one and with chocolate chips inside & almond on top.

I always have someone creative in the class^^.

Last Sunday on Father’s Day, I had Intermediate Children Baking. We baked Chocolate Banana Chiffon cakes and the children wrote message on their boxes.

Happy Father’s Day^^!

Finally, I will be posting July Schedule tomorrow morning, so please look forward to it! Thank you~.


Caramel Factory Sweets on Inspirasi Perkahwinan MEI issue!

10 Apr

Preparing for your wedding…? Ohhhh it’s ok even if it is far~ ahead or if it’s already over… Wedding is the moment that perhaps the girls long for the most in life. We always dream of wearing the beautiful wedding dress with lots of flower bouquet and dish on the table, and we always look back of that sparkly moment we share with beloved ones.

Reading wedding magazines is one way to enhance such feelings and to perfect your wedding as much as possible! I also used to read through those magazines to make my once in a life time moment to be as memorable as possible.

The wedding magazine Inspirasi Perkahwinan has many pictures of wedding tables and items to enhance your imagination, and for this month MEI issue, Caramel Factory sweets are on it!

This lovely table coordination with all the pretty labels and flowers was done by my friend, Diyana from Oh Pretty Please, and I provided some of the sweets – Macarons, Cheesecake in a jar and Diamant Vanille (Vanilla Cookies).

Cheesecake in a jar & Macarons

Diamant Vanille

I was so happy to be part in this lovely table setting in this lovely magazine! So even if I don’t read Malay, I rushed to the bookstore and got some copies^^*. If you haven’t take a look at it, please check them out at the bookstore nearby!

Thank you for visiting Caramel Factory blog!


Come to Caramel Factory this weekened!

6 Apr

Want to have a taste of Caramel Factory sweets !?

This weekend on Apr. 7th (Sat.) & 8th (Sun.) 10:30am-6:30pm, we will be selling some cookies and macarons at the shop! We will prepare three kinds of items as below, and all the items are limited numbers! Please come by our shop if you’d like to have a taste of my sweets~^^.

Here are the items we have!

1) Caramel Chocolate Sable – RM1.50/pc (RM7.90/pack, 6 pieces per pack)

*This cookie was one of my premier class menu, and was quite popular!

2) Belgium Chocolate Macaron – RM3.00/pc

3) Vanilla Rose Macaon – RM3.00/pc

I hope to see you all soon!

Belgium Chocolat & Vanilla Rose

Thank you for visiting Cararmel Factory Blog.

Sevendays Pop-up @ Solaris Dutamas*

2 Apr

Last weekend I joined the official opening event for the boutique Sevendays Pop-up @ Solaris Dutamas!

The sweets I provided was of course these colorful macarons. It was a collaboration with Pearl Cakes Events, thanks to Satira!

These gorgeous girls are the owners of the boutique Sevedays Pop-up (Right: Rozanna & Left: Mem), and the middle is Satira from Pearl. The shop was so lovely and had lots of beautiful clothes and was full of young girls!  I also felt like shopping around…

This was the table of the day! The color theme was: yellow, pink and turqoise. So I also made my macarons with these three colors. The flavors were vanilla and dark chocolate.

The table setting was so nice that at first nobody was touching my macarons, but then I started talking to a few customers and they realized that they can try those ^^…  after that my macarons were quickly sold out! Thank god.


See? This lady and that gentleman are holding my macarons…?

The main cake was this rainbow cake from Pearl. How lovely!

I normally spend my days in my shop/kitchen, so was so happy to have this wonderful opportunity to talk to some people and spend exciting time with them!

For those girls who want to surfff lovely dresses, please check out brand new boutique Sevendays Pop-up @ Solaris Dutamas (it’s at Publica indoor space), for those of you who are planning some cake events please check out Pearl Cake Events, and for those of you who’re looking for delicious macarons and other cakes, please contact us Caramel Factory!

Thank you for always visiting my blog!