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Caramel Banana Chiffon Cake & Cream Cheese Muffins*

4 Feb


Caramel Banana Chiffon Cake class is starting this weekend~!

In the past I’ve done two kinds of chiffon cake in the class, Hokkaido Chiffon Cake with earl grey tea flavor and Green Tea Chiffon Cake with white chocolate. From its smooth and fluffy texture, chiffon cake is one of the popular cakes and I find that many of my students bake at home after the class. So I am glad to be introducing you another chiffon cake recipe in banana flavor this time!


I focused on “moisture” during the testing… This moisture will last many days both in room temperature and chilled in the fridge. In Japan, chiffon cake is always served with whipped cream (mostly without any sugar). And this caramel banana chiffon cake will definitely go well with the caramelized nuts, too!

cream cheese mini muffin

Another recipe for this class is cream cheese mini muffins. We will make chocolate batter and make them into marble.

Here is the class schedule. I newly added weekday class on 26th February (Thursday), so if you are interested in joining (or prefer weekday class), please let me know! 

DATE:                 February 7th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm -FULL 

                              February 15th (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm 

                              February 26th (Thurs.) 11:00am-2:30pm <– Newly added!

FEE:                       RM195.00 (RM149.00 for members)

*8 students maximum.

For registration, kindly contact me at caramelmoko@gmail.com (Tomoko).

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

Entremet Caramel Banana Walnuts*

23 Dec




I haven’t introduced this cake yet. It’s Entremet Caramel Banana Walnuts Cake!





As you can see from the photo, outside is made of chocolate cake, and inside is consisted with; caramelized walnuts cream, caramelized banana and vanilla mousse. It looks simple, but honestly, this might’ve been one of the most complex cake I’ve ever taught in the class (apart from Entremet Orange Chocolat Cake)! So now you know, when you see ‘Entremet’ in the menu, be prepared… kidding.

Anyway, I was quite happy that students like this cake very much, especially the crunchy caramelized walnuts part.





I have another class this weekend, and I am going to repeat this class in January. So if you are interested in joining, please check out our January 2015 class schedule tomorrow! Thanks!



Hazelnuts Caramel Banana Tart*

19 May



One of our Premier Lessons for May class is Hazelnuts Caramel Banana Tart!

My personal “theme” for this month is “Hazelnuts” ^^ and I am using many Hazelnuts item this month. This tart is made of hazelnuts tart (pate sucre), hazelnuts creme, caramelized banana and caramelized hazelnuts on top!

Caramelized banana and hazelnuts are sure match! The tart molding part (foncage) is slightly tedious as always, but once you bite onto this crunchy delicious tart you will forget all the pain you’ve gone through earlier on! 





I like to have it both warm and cold.

And it goes very well with vanilla ice cream. yum yum…




The second item is Hazelnuts Cocoa Sable. It’s a simple and nice sable with crunchy hazelnuts inside.

This cookie can be kept frozen, so it’s also good to bake for the coming Hari Raya month!


Here are the class schedule;


DATE & TIME:    May 17th (Sat.)    11:00am-3:00pm – Finished

                                May 30th (Fri.)    11:00am-3:00pm – FULL

FEE:                      RM210.00 (RM169.00 for members)

The class is currently full, but if you are interested in please contact me at caramelmoko@gmail.com, as I would like to consider adding a new class in future.

Thanks for visiting my blog, always!

Banana Cake* with Recipe!

16 Nov


It’s already middle of November. Time flies…

My mind is so ready to start classes again, but as I need my family’s help to take care of my baby I am not being able to start yet… (My family is busy right now). Hopefully I can start in a couple more weeks!

Meanwhile, I would like to introduce the recipe of Banana Cake (Banana Bread) I recently baked. If you can’t wait to bake, please try out this nice & easy recipe^^!


<Banana Cake/Bread> 18cm pound cake mold (or 14cm Kuglof mold)

– Unsalted butter:          60g

– Brown sugar:                70g

– Egg:                                 55g (1 pc)

– Honey:                            15g

– All-purpose flour:      110g

– Baking powder:              3g

– Almond powder:          30g

– Milk:                               40g

– Banana:                       200g (L size 2pcs without skin) *please use a well ripened banana.

– Walnuts:                        40g

*Leave butter in a room temperature to soften.

*Combine egg and honey and leave in a room temperature.

*Peel banana and use fork to smash into smaller pieces.

*Prepare 18cm pound cake mold with parchment paper.

*Preheat the oven to 190 degree C.

1. In a mixing bowl, soften butter and combine with sugar. Use hand-mixer and whisk until white and fluffy.

2. Slowly combine eggs and honey. Whisk well after each addition.

3. Combine almond powder and whisk well.

4. Change to spatula and sift in all-purpose flour and baking powder in 3 times. Add 1/2 of the smashed banana and 1/2 of milk in-between each time you add flour. Gently mix after each addition.

5. Add walnuts and mix until all the ingredients are well mixed.

6. Pour into prepared mold and bake in 190 degree C oven for 10 minutes. Reduce the temperature to 180 degree C and bake for another 30-35 minutes (depends on the oven).

7. Cool down on a tray and bon appetit!


Banana Coco Pie* August Premier class

13 Aug

Some updates on the new classes in August – Banana Coco Pie! It’s a banana pie with a hint of tropical coconut taste.

The crust we are going to bake is called Pate Brisee, which is something in-between tart and pie. Unlike the typical tart crust pate a sucre, this crust is not sweet and has a hint of salt taste so it is often used for the tarts such as kiche, egg tart and others.  

We are going to bake this in a 18cm mold and you will also be learning how to foncage them nicely into a mold.

Another menu for this class is Honey Blanc Manger. Blanc manger is panna cotta in English, and is a simple yet delicious desserts. We will serve it together with apricot jam.

Here are the class schedules;

DATE:     August 18th (Sat.) 10:30am-2:30pm

                 September 2nd (Sun.) 10:30am-2:30pm      —> Full      

FEE:        RM195 (RM146  for members)

If you are interested in joining the class, please contact me by email/sms: caramelmoko@gmail.com / 012-352-3106 (Tomoko).

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope to hear from you!

Schedule Change for 2 classes

10 Mar

Hi, I’d like to announce schedule changes for the following two classes.


1) Premier Class – Hazelnuts Caramel Banana Tart & Caramel Chocolat Sable

March 10th (Sat.)

—> NEW DATE:       March 31st (Sat.) 3:00pm-7:00pm

         FEE: RM195 (RM146 for member)

2) Cupcake Special Workshop

March 23rd (Fri.)

—> NEW DATE:  March 25th (Sun.) 3:00pm-6:30pm

FEE: RM195 (RM162 for member)

To join our classes, please contact us by email/sms: caramelmoko@gmail.com / 012-352-3106 (Tomoko)

We are looking foward to hearing from you!

Today’s lesson – Hazelnuts Caramel Banana Tart*

25 Feb

While my memory is still fresh, I want to update today’s baking class – Hazelnuts Caramel Banana Tart & Caramel Chocolat Sable!


As my husband and all the students say, this tart is all sorts of awesome ^^! The crust, filling, caramelized banana, and the hazelnuts topping… mmm… I can still smell the sweet caramel around me.

このタルトは、タルト生地、フィリング、そしてトッピングにまでへーゼルナッツの香ばしさを満載に閉じ込めた逸品で、焼き立ては特にため息ものの美味しさなのです☆ 生徒さんたちも、んーと唸りながら食べてくれました^^♪

This class had a lot of caramel making; Caramelizing banana, caramelizing hazelnuts, and the inside of Chocolat Sable was another type of caramel. I love~ caramel. After all, my shop is called Caramel Factory ^^.

The smell was so tempting that one of my students couldn’t resist eating this caramelized banana from the pan. Yes, this can actually be a nice dessert with vanilla ice cream on top!

またこのレッスン では、キャラメル作りがポイントとなっております。 バナナ、へーゼルナッツ、そしてサブメニューのキャラメル・ショコラ・サブレの中もキャラメルなの で、キャラメル好きの方には必見のレッスンとなっております。 特にキャラメル・ショコラ・サブレは、私の大のお気に入りのレシピで、簡単にできてしま うので、皆さんにぜひ伝授したいメニューになります☆


Ready to be baked in the oven!

Just baked!

Each of us had a slice with vanilla ice cream. It was so yummy~><. After all my students left, I saw a last slice on a plate and finished them up. oops…


Students taking a rest in between the class. This is a premier lesson, so lots of work to do! Now you know how tart making takes time. But my class is in a small group with intimate setting so even the beginners get to learn in detail ^^.

Another menu was Caramel Chocolate Sable which I’ve written in my previous posts. This cookies are awesome too!


We have a request class in March.

DATE:      March 10th (Sat.) 2:30pm-6:30pm —> CHANGED TO March 31st (Sat.) 3:00pm-7:00pm!

     FEE:       RM195  RM146/class

If you are interested in joining the lesson, please email/sms me; caramelmoko@gmail.com/012-352-3106.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Premier Class* Hazelnuts Caramel Banana Tart!

22 Feb

Don’t forget that we have another class – Premier Class – this month!

The menu is: Hazelnuts Caramel Banana Tart & Caramel Chocolat Sable

Anyone who has tasted these two recipes will surely fall in love with them^^!

Hazelnuts Caramel Banana Tart is a crispy tart with hazelnuts tart crust, hazelnuts creme, caramelized banana fillings, and caramelized hazelnuts on top. You can enjoy the hazelnuts taste in every single bite you make!

Another menu is Caramel Chocolat Sable. This cookie is one of my favorite recipe! It’s a chocolate cookie sandwiched with caramel. And on top we will add a hint of French Guerande salt, just like we did for Galette Chocolat in Valentine’s Day Special Lesson.

The cookies are easy to make and it’s very tasty. The sticky caramel inside is different from what we’ve learned in Caramel Pound Cake lesson. You really can’t miss this recipe!

We have one class this weekend and another class on March. Here are the dates.

DATE:   February 25th (Sat.) 2:30pm-6:30pm

               March 10th (Sat.) 2:30pm-6:30pm  —> CHANGED TO March 31st (Sat.) 3:00pm-7:00pm!

     FEE:       RM195  RM146/class

If you are interested in joining the lesson, please email/sms me; caramelmoko@gmail.com/012-352-3106.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Children Baking Classes is coming this weekend! (Feb.18th & 19th)

15 Feb

Don’t forget that we have children baking classes, too!

This month we have the 1st session on February 18th (Sat.) & 19th (Sun.) and the 2nd session on 25th (Sat.) & 26th (Sun.). The menu for each sessions are different and for details of this weekend are;

Date: Feb.18th (Sat.) 2:30pm-5:45pm   Caramel Banana Muffins

             Feb.19th (Sun.) 2:30pm-5:45pm   Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hmm… sounds yummy~.

Caramel Banana Muffins are one of Caramel Factory’s signature cakes, too!


18(土)・19(日)のメニューは、キャラメルバナナマフィンチョコチップクッキーです! 皆さんのご参加をお待ちしております〜☆

We still have few more seats available. So for parents who want to send their kids for this fun and delicious baking lesson, please contact us: caramelmoko@gmail.com / 012-352-3106.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Muffins for the kindergarten concert!

16 Nov

Yesterday I baked lots of Caramel Banana Muffins for my mother-in-law’s kindergarten annual concert. Thanks to all the parents and children, they were all sold out before the concert ended! I was glad that I made them for the event^^. I also got to talk to many of the parents that are interested in my baking classes and handed out the course schedule for January and February 2012.

I will put them on my blog shortly so please look forward to it!