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Valencia ~Sadaharu Aoki Style Entremet Cake~ Class*

4 Aug


DSC_0792 copy


Our new class in August: Entremet Valencia ~ Sadaharu Aoki Style ~. Originally from famous patissier Sadaharu Aoki’s Valencia, this entremet cake has been modified to Caramel Factory style, to enable you to create a high-end French style cake at your home^^.

It consists of 5 layers; Biscuit dacquoise (with a hint of hazelnuts), Crunchy praline feuilletine, Chocolat mousse, Biscuit chocolat, and Orange cremeux. It’s a delicious combination of chocolate x hazelnuts x fresh orange.

You will be making this cake in a pair with 7″x7″ (18cm square) mold, and will be bringing back 9cm x 18cm size each.


DSC_0705 copy


Another menu for this class is Gianduja Sable. This is a soft type of cookie sandwiched with chocolat praline. We will pipe the cookie into round shape and bake.

So for this class, we will enjoy the great combination of chocolat * hazelnuts, together with orange!

Here is the class schedule;


DATE:     August 18th (Thurs.) 11:00am-3:00pm – FULL

                 August 27th (Sat.) 11:00am-3:00pm – FULL

   FEE:     RM210 (RM169 for members)


Sorry but currently both class is full. I will be scheduling another 2 classes in September, so kindly let me know if you are interested in!

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you ^^*







Class Cake Photos*

22 Jun


DSC_0286 copy

Summer Orange Pound Cake

DSC_0270 copy

Caramel Walnuts Tart

DSC_0287 copy

Sable Mandian


Orange Souffle Cheesecake &

Chocolat Orange

DSC_0305 copy

Thanks for joining my class. Happy Baking^^!!



Cream puff and Eclair class available on Groupon!

23 Oct

Hi there! Thanks for visiting Caramel Factory blog! We are a baking school located in Shah Alam (please find our location details here). Today we have an exciting news for you, especially for the new customers!

We will be conducting classes under Groupon Malaysia next month! The deal has just launched on their website today. As you can find the details there, during 4 hour hands-on classes, you get to learn three items; Japanese cream puff, Belgium Chocolate Eclair and French vanilla cookie called Vanilla Viennois for RM99.00 (RM94.50 for 2 persons)!

*Sample picture of my class.

I’ll explain you the details of each item later, but to begin with… All our classes are hands-on workshop style and you get to learn everything from the scratch. We prepare all the tools and ingredients (we use fresh and high quality ingredients), and the recipes are provided as well. So all you need to bring is yourself and apron and pen!

At the end of the class we have tasting sessions with the cakes and a cup of tea I’ve prepared. For all the cakes you’ve made in the class, you can bring back home for your family and friends^^.

Here are the details of the items we will be making.


1. Japanese Cream Puffs

Learn how to make Japanese style cream puff. We will bake them in mini size with delicious custard cream inside. On top of the choux there will be crunchy biscuit, which makes this cream puff special.

2. Belgium Chocolate Eclair

Eclair, a French style choux, is the origin of Japanese cream puff. Using similar method as cream puff, we will further master our cream puff making. We bake long eclairs, fill them with Belgium chocolate custard cream, and finally coat them with chocolate.

3. Vanilla Viennois

Vanilla Viennois is a French style butter cookie. Using high quality French Vanilla paste, this cookie has nice vanilla flavor and texture that melts in your mouth. It’s easy to bake so you get to bake in many coming occasions!

To register for this class, please go to Groupon Malaysia website and purchase class from there.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!!!



h/p no.: 012-352-3106

email address: caramelmoko@gmail.com

Premier Class * Opera & Hazelnuts Cookie

3 Sep

 For our September Premier Class, I’d like to present to you: Opera cake!

Opera is a French chocolate layer cake consisting of biscuit joconde (almond cake), coffee butter cream, chocolate ganache and chocolate glacage (glaze). It looks like a piano from the top ^^…


My Opera goes like this (from bottom); biscuit joconde, coffee butter cream, biscuit joconde, chocolate ganache, biscuit joconde, coffee butter cream and chocolate glacage. I will be using ‘Pate a glacer’ by Belgium Callebaut for glacage. This cake is so dense that a small slice will satisfy your tummy and of course it goes well with a cup of coffee!

Since we have many parts to make, we’ll be working in a pair and you get to bring back half the size of 7″ whole cake (6~8 slices).


Our other menu for this class is Hazelnuts Cookie.

We will be putting whole roasted hazelnuts in the cookies, and they will be sumptuous! I made some to try last weekend and my husband ate most of them (men like nuts somehow)!


Theme for this class: Biscuit joconde, Italian meringue, Coffee butter cream & putting all the parts together.

Here are the schedules for this class.

DATE:       September 9th (Sun.) 1:00pm-5:00pm –> FULL

                   September 29th (Sat.) 10:30am-2:30pm             

    FEE:       RM195 (RM146  for members)

To register for the classes, please contact me by email or sms: caramelmoko@gmail.com / 012-352-3106 (Tomoko).

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope to hear from you!

Basic Class* Apple Caramel Pound Cake & Chocolate Pecan Nuts Cheesecake!

24 Aug

This is Apple Caramel Pound Cake from September Basic Class! It’s truly an autumn cake with apple, walnuts and a hint of spices.

I was comparing two kinds of my favorite apple caramel pound cake recipes, and after several tasting sessions I decided to go with the left one – a marble type. As you know, pound cake is simple yet quite a challenging cake and has many ways to bake.  It also took me a while to find what I really like both in taste and in texture.

9月の基礎クラスより、キャラメルアップルパウンドケークです。 キャラメルをマーブル状にするタイプ(写真左)と生地の中に練り込むタイプ(写真右)のどちらにしようか迷ったのですが、結局マーブル状にすることに決めました。 こちらの方が少々甘さが抑えられるのと、パウンドケーキらしい食感が楽しめるためです。

Just so you know, this pound cake is completely different from the Caramel Pound Cake which I taught in July classes. So for those of you who already learned the caramel pound cake can also join this class!

パウンドケーキの基礎であるシュガーバター法をしっかりと学び、洋梨や他のフルーツにも応用できるパウンドケークをマスターしましょう。(お一人様 18cmパウンド型一台お持ち帰り)

Another menu for this class is Chocolate Pecan Nuts Cheesecake. We will bake this in a mini mold (10cm) and will decorate nicely just like this photo. This is a dense N.Y. cheesecake type with oreo crust at the bottom. It is so delicious that I cannot wait to blow your mind, hehe!

もう一つのメニューは、ピーカンナッツとショコラのチーズケーキです。 手間要らずの美味しいチーズケーキを学びます。 こちらは10cmのミニサイズ1台(お一人様)をお持ち帰りいただきます。

Class Theme:   Pound cake (sugar-batter method), Cheesecake, Caramel

Here is the schedule for this class.

 DATE:     September 8th (Sat.) 10:30am-2:00pm    —> 1 more seat left!

                   September 30th (Sun.) 10:30am-2:00pm             

    FEE:      RM180 (RM135  for members)


To register for classes, please contact me by email or sms: caramelmoko@gmail.com / 012-352-3106 (Tomoko). I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Macarons and Cheesecake for sale!

24 Jul

*image photo

Hi everyone! It’s been 7 months since Caramel Factory has been in operation and I must say that it has been a very enjoyable (and also busy) 7 months!  We have had a lot of requests for macarons and other cakes during this period, and although we could not fulfill them all, we are trying very hard to sell more pastries in the shop.

So I’m happy to announce that during this Ramadan month (July 25th – August 18th) we are going to sell macarons at the shop!

We have two types of packages:

1. Regular size for 3pcs – RM8.00

2. Mini size for 5 pcs – RM10.00

This week the flavors we are offering are; milk chocolate, dark chocolate and vanilla.

Drop by if you want to get them! If you want to order a larger quantity for an event or even yourself please just tell us:)

We will also be taking orders for Japanese Souffle Cheesecake, a moist silky type of cheesecake! It’s RM60 for 7″ round. We need 3 days in advance for the order. If you are interested in, please contact me at 012-352-3106 (Tomoko).

Thank you so much for visiting our blog!

Special Macaron Workshop on March 11th (Sun.)!

6 Mar

Yes, we do have Special Macaron Workshop in March again!

It’s this weeekend on March 11th (Sun.) from 10:30am-2:00pm.– Few more seats left

Menu: Belgium Chocolat & Vanilla Rose

Fee: RM195 (RM162 for members)

For details of macaron flavors and the fillings, please refer to my February post.

Thank you so much and looking forward to seeing you soon!