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Wrapping up 2014!

23 Dec



It’s been a very busy month for me! I blinked and it’s already the end of the year! My family and friends in Japan have already started their Christmas & New Year Holidays (in Japan, this is our biggest holiday of the year) and I am excited to spend my New Year holidays with my family in Singapore next week! Before that, I have a few more classes to go~. I have been enjoying baking many Christmas cakes & cookies with my students this month. I also baked a large Black Forest Cake for my daughter’s 4th Birthday party yesterday. Look!


I was thinking what birthday cake to bake until the last minute, but I ended up making this Black Forest because it was so popular among my students ^^. I also baked some macarons in pink and purple color, with my favorite vanilla and chocolate flavors.



I made over 100 pcs and they were snapped up within a few minutes! Yeppie~! I am thinking of baking Strawberry Short Cake for Christmas. So what’s your ‘baking plan’ for the holiday?

By the way, sorry to keep you all waiting for the January 2015 schedule. I will be posting them tomorrow, so please keep yourself posted. Thanks a lot for always supporting me and Caramel Factory!

Cheers, Tomoko




Caramel Factory as of today!

10 Jan

Today I received a delight surprise from my friends who now live in China! Thanks a lot WT & YZ!!!

I love live flowers. Hope they last long…

The flowers were taller than me^^

The traffic in my area is not so big, but every day I’m meeting new interesting people. It’s very exciting talking to them…

We are selling cupcakes at the shop. The flavor in the photos are; vanilla, oreo and chocolate cupcakes. Simple choice for now but we will increase the varieties of cupcakes and other pastries in future.

Buy 3 Get 1 Free! Promotion

We are also taking orders for Birthdays, Weddings and other special events. Now creating the MENU, so I’ll post it on the blog once it’s


I hope that Caramel Factory will slowly grow into a place where everybody can enjoy; from children to adults, from people from different cultures and countries…


Birthday cake!

16 Aug

As I was talking in the previous post, I didn’t do anything special for my husband’s birthday. But after a few days I felt bad so decided to bake a ‘belated birthday cake’!

Traditionally Japanese families celebrate birthdays with strawberry shortcake, so same as last year I baked one too.

Soon after I finished decorating the cake, we had them for tea break. It tasted so good that the entire cake was almost gone within a day (I forgot to take the photo of the whole cake).

The tea we had together with was Afternoon Earl Grey tea from Whittard of Chelsea.

For me, preparing the drink is also one of the pleasures of tea time!

Even though my husband previously told me he didn’t need any cake, I was so glad to see him enjoying the cake.

Next year I will try to prepare it on his birthday!!!