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June 2017 Class Schedule*

17 May

DSC_0729 copy


Hi there!

Today I am posting June Class Schedule. Prior to Hari Raya at the end of June, I am holding a couple of Raya Special classes! For special macaron class, I will be teaching four of my favourite flavours. Please take this opportunity to learn caramel factory’s signature macarons^^.



<June 2017 class schedule>

1. Raya Special! Cafe Noisette (18cm x 9cm size) & Cafe Viennois – Special Class – 

Haezlnuts dacquoise cake, hazelnuts feuillantine, 

chocolat ganache and cafe chocolat blanc mousse


Crispy Viennois cookie with coffee flavour

DATE:       June 7th (Wed.) 11:00am-3:00pm – FULL

                    June 10th (Sat.) 11:00am-3:00pm

                    June 18th (Sun.) 11:00am-3:00pm – 1 more seat left!

FEE:           RM250 (RM198 for members)


2. Raya Special! Macaron Class (4 flavours!) – Special Class –

DSC_0725 copy

* Japanese Green Tea macaron

* Raspberry macaron

* Chocolat macaron

* Vanilla macaron


DATE:       June 3rd (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm 

                    June 22nd (Thurs.) 11:00am-2:30pm – FULL

 FEE:           RM250.-



3. Fraisier (French style Strawberry cake) & Financier au the *Request* – Premier Class –


French style Strawberry cake with biscuit genoise (sponge cake),

creme moussline, strawberry and strawberry nappage


Financier petit gateau with earl grey tea flavour

DATE:      June 11th (Sun.) 11:00am-3:00pm 

    FEE:     RM210 (RM169  for members)


4. Paris Brest & Eclair au Chocolat *Repeat*  – Premier Class – 

Paris brest

Popular choux pastry in a ring form with hazelnuts praline cream inside


Eclair with chocolate cuustard cream

DATE:      June 17th (Sat.) 11:00am-3:00pm 

   FEE:      RM210 (RM169  for members)


To register for the class, kindly email me at caramelmoko@gmail.com (Tomoko).

Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you!!!





May 2017 Class Schedule*

19 Apr

DSC_0785 copy


Today I am posting May 2017 class schedule ^^. 

Our theme for May is fresh lemon! I will be introducing “Week-end Citron Cake“, a French style lemon butter cake as our new recipe. Week-end Citron originates from people baking this cake on weekends to share with their family members and loved ones. Since May 14th is Mother’s Day, I think it is a great way to celebrate this day^^.

I will also be teaching Tart au Citron and other cakes from April classes. Ramadan month is starting from end of May. Let’s enjoy baking next month again!

Here is the class schedule; *Please also refer to our Class Calendar.


1. Weekend Citron Cake & Lemon biscotti – Basic Class –


Fresh and moist lemon butter cake


Lemon & pistachio biscotti

DATE:        May 6th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm – FULL

                    May 14th (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm

                    May 24th (Wed.) 11:00am-2:30pm

FEE:            RM200 (RM159 for members)

2. Tart au Citron & Creme Burlee *Repeat* – Premier Class – 


Tart au Citron – Pate Sable, Creme d’amande and Lemon Cream


DATE:        May 13th (Sat.) 11:00am-3:00pm – FULL

                    May 17th (Wed.) 11:00am-3:00pm

FEE:            RM210 (RM169 for members)

*For details of this class, kindly refer to my previous post Tart au Citron class.

3. Double Chocolat Cream Rollcake & Mini Caramel Nuts Cake *Repeat* – Basic Class –


Moist chocolat rollcake with

2 kinds of chocolate cream

DSC_0804 copy

Caramel Cake with almond & pumpkin seeds

DATE:      May 7th (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm 

    FEE:     RM200 (RM159  for members)

4. Yakigashi Special *Repeat* – Season Special Class-

*Coffee Walnuts Pound cake

*Blueberry Cheese Tart

*Coffee Nuts Cookie


Three recipes for coming Ramadan month and following Raya celebration!

Many coffees are used in this class and will keep you awake! The tasting session is with the hand-dripped coffee, and I am asking the Coffee & Macaron class graduates to pour us a nice cup of coffee^^*.


DATE:      May 28th (Sun.) 11:00am-3:30pm 

   FEE:      RM250 (RM195  for members)

*For details of this class, kindly refer to my previous post Yaigashi Special Class.

To register for the class, kindly email me at caramelmoko@gmail.com (Tomoko).

Thank you so much and I am looking forward to hearing from you!!!



Caramel Banana Chiffon Cake & Cream Cheese Muffins*

4 Feb


Caramel Banana Chiffon Cake class is starting this weekend~!

In the past I’ve done two kinds of chiffon cake in the class, Hokkaido Chiffon Cake with earl grey tea flavor and Green Tea Chiffon Cake with white chocolate. From its smooth and fluffy texture, chiffon cake is one of the popular cakes and I find that many of my students bake at home after the class. So I am glad to be introducing you another chiffon cake recipe in banana flavor this time!


I focused on “moisture” during the testing… This moisture will last many days both in room temperature and chilled in the fridge. In Japan, chiffon cake is always served with whipped cream (mostly without any sugar). And this caramel banana chiffon cake will definitely go well with the caramelized nuts, too!

cream cheese mini muffin

Another recipe for this class is cream cheese mini muffins. We will make chocolate batter and make them into marble.

Here is the class schedule. I newly added weekday class on 26th February (Thursday), so if you are interested in joining (or prefer weekday class), please let me know! 

DATE:                 February 7th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm -FULL 

                              February 15th (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm 

                              February 26th (Thurs.) 11:00am-2:30pm <– Newly added!

FEE:                       RM195.00 (RM149.00 for members)

*8 students maximum.

For registration, kindly contact me at caramelmoko@gmail.com (Tomoko).

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

June 2014 Class Schedule* (re-post)

22 May



Hi there!

I am re-posting my June 2014 Class schedule as some of you might be wondering (I posted it together with our May 2014 class schedule). We only have a few classes next month and most of the classes are already full (sorry><!) except Tart au Mango on June 12th (Thursday). I will be travelling back to Japan from 16th June to 30th June, so I will see you in July again!

By the way, the fasting month will be starting end of June to July. I will be conducting classes during the fasting month as usual, but there might be some change in class time. I will post July schedule in middle of June, but just so you know, I will list down some of the classes I will be repeating at the bottom of this blog. Thanks and I will see you soon!


<June 2014 class Schedule>

1.  Mango Cheesecake (Non-baked type) & Cranberry Scone – Premier Class – 

Mango Rare cheesecake

Non-baked type of cheesecake with fresh mango!


Cranberry and white chocolate scone


DATE & TIME:    May 24th (Sat.)    11:00am-3:00pm – FULL

                               June 1st (Sun.)    11:00am-3:00pm – FULL

FEE:                       RM210.00 (RM169.00 for members)



2. American Sweets Special! ~ Blueberry & Cream cheese Muffin, Carrot Cake and Cinnabon ~ – Season Special –



DATE & TIME:    June 7th (Sat.)    11:00am-3:30pm – FULL

FEE:                      RM250.00 (RM195.00 for members)


3. Green Tea Strawberry Rollcake & Maccha Madeleine *Request lesson* -Basic Class-


maccha finache


DATE & TIME:    June 8th (Sun.)    11:00am-2:30pm – FULL

FEE:                       RM195.00 (RM149.00 for members)

*For details of this class, please refer to my post Japanese Maccha Rollcake.


4. Tart au Mango & Coconuts Sable*Request Lesson* – Premier Class –


Tart crust, Creme legere, mango mousse and fresh mango!


DATE & TIME:    June 12th (Thurs.) 11:00am-3:00pm – FULL

FEE:                       RM210.00 (RM169.00 for members)


<July 2014 Class Ideas>

Mango Cheesecake & Cranberry Scone

American Sweets Special 

* Hokkaido Chiffon Cake & Miroir Cookie

* New classes


To register for the class, please email me at caramelmoko@gmail.com (Tomoko). Thank you for visiting our site and I will be looking forward to hearing from you!!!



Japanese Maccha Rollcake*

2 Jul


It’s July!

This is Japanese Maccha Rollcake from July Basic class. The rollcake is a “souffle” type of rollcake (similar to Rollcake au Fruits some of you might have learned before) and the texture is slightly chewy and moist than the normal swiss roll you find.


The inside cream has a little bit of lemon flavor together with maccha ganache. Yes, continuing from last month we have green tea and lemon as a theme^^.


Another menu for this class is Chocolate Maccha Muffins, which has two layers of chocolate and green tea flavor cake. We will bake in 2 1/2oz size muffin molds (5pcs).

green tea & chocolate


Here are the schedule for this class.

DATE:        July 6th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm —> FULL

                    July 21st (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm —> FULL

                    July 24th (Wed.) 11:00am-2:30pm

FEE:            RM180 (RM139 for members)

*In case the class is full, I will put you on a waiting list.

To register for this class, please contact me at caramelmoko@gmail.com (Tomoko). Thank you and I am look forward to seeing you!

Order made sweets~!

26 Apr

These are some of the order made sweets I baked this week! Colorful macarons & Cupcakes!


Yes, we also take orders for macarons, cupcakes and cheesecakes (Japanese Souffle Cheesecake, N.Y. Cheesecake and other cheesecakes). The colors for macarons are usually fixed, but if you would like to request specially we can discuss too^^.

マカロンはかなり定番化してきましたね~。カップケーキは久しぶりに作りました。 バニラ、チョコレート、オレオの3種類です。 当店では、オーダーメイド用のスイーツ(マカロン・カップケーキ・チーズケーキ数種類)を随時承っております。 お誕生日やイベントごとに、ぜひともCaramel Factoryのスイーツをお試し下さいませ~☆


And cupcakes for some kindergarten kiddos! For birthday parties! The flavors are vanilla, chocolate and oreo cupcakes.

If you’d like to order some of our cakes, please contact us by email/sms/call at caramelmoko@gmail.com/012-352-3106 (Tomoko). Thank you very much!

*Please be noted that we will be closed from April 29th (Sun.) to May 11th (Fri.), so during this period we won’t be taking any orders. Also, during this period please contact us by email. Thank you very much for your understanding!

*4月29日(日)~5月11日(金)まで、日本へ一時帰国致しますため、臨時休業とさせていただきます。 ご迷惑をおかけいたしますが、宜しくお願い致します。 また5月のお教室でお会いできますこと楽しみにしております!

Carrot Cake * Intermediate Children Class

19 Apr

Here is another lesson you can’t miss out! Well, if you are between 8-14yrs old… hehe.

It’s an Intermediate Class for children age 8-14 years old. I started this course last month since I found students of this age group to be very keen in learning baking during the children baking class over the past few months. They are the future mastar baker! For intermediate classes I teach the basic skills of baking just like the adult class, and the children get to bake their own cakes from the scratch!

This month menu is Healthy Carrot Cake & Cream Cheese Frosting.

It’s this Sunday, April 22nd 10:30am-1:30pm!

Fee: RM85 only

If you or your children are interested in joining our class, please contact us by email or sms: caramelmoko@gmail.com / 012-352-3106 (Tomoko).

Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Schedule Change for 2 classes

10 Mar

Hi, I’d like to announce schedule changes for the following two classes.


1) Premier Class – Hazelnuts Caramel Banana Tart & Caramel Chocolat Sable

March 10th (Sat.)

—> NEW DATE:       March 31st (Sat.) 3:00pm-7:00pm

         FEE: RM195 (RM146 for member)

2) Cupcake Special Workshop

March 23rd (Fri.)

—> NEW DATE:  March 25th (Sun.) 3:00pm-6:30pm

FEE: RM195 (RM162 for member)

To join our classes, please contact us by email/sms: caramelmoko@gmail.com / 012-352-3106 (Tomoko)

We are looking foward to hearing from you!

Earl Grey Tea Cheesecake & Oreo Muffins! – March Basic Menu

8 Mar

Have you ever tasted cheesecake in tea flavor?

This is Earl Grey Tea Cheesecake from March Basic class! It’s quite a unique cheesecake with Oreo crust at the bottom. This cheesecake is soft and fluffy, but it’s different from any other cheesecakes I’ve taught in the past such as Souffle Cheesecake and Gateau Fromague!

Another menu will be Oreo Muffins. We will be using lots of oreo for this lesson^^.

Here are the dates. We still have seats for this coming weekend class, so please let me know if you’d like to join!

DATE:  March 10th (Sat.) 10:00am-1:30pm

                  March 17th (Sat.) 3:00pm-6:30pm

                  March 30th (Fri.) 10:30am-2:00pm

     FEE:       RM180 (RM135  for members)

Thank you for visiting my blog, and hope to see you in my class!

Hinamatrusi Special Class*

2 Mar

Another class we have this weekend is- Hinamatsuri Special Class (Japanese Children’s Day)! Honestly speaking, I might be the one looking forward to this class the most, haha. I am thrilled to celebrate Japanese children’s day (Girls’ Day) together with you all.

The traditional color theme for Hinamatsuri is pink, green and white. If you google the image of Hinamatsuri, you will find those Japanese dolls together with 3 layered-color mochi served in front of them. It’s perhaps something like the mandarin orange for Chinese tradition?

I made 3 layered cookies instead of mochi

The menu for this Hinamatsuri course is; Japanese Cream Puff, Mini Maccha Muffin and Sakura Cookies.

Japanese Cream Puff (each of you will bring back 10 pieces): You get to learn the tips of making crispy cream puff skin together with delicious creme. We will put strawberries inside.

Mini Maccha Muffins (10 pieces): Enjoy the scent of green tea! We will use green tea powder from Japan. For the Sakura Cookies, which is the third item in this class, we will be using green tea powder from local supplier. We will see the difference of those two green tea powders.

During our ‘food-tasting’ time, we will coordinate the table in a Hinamatsuri Afternoon tea style!

And I’ll be teaching you additional item Strawberry Milk Tea. This lovely tea is like a dessert!

I will also be preparing some small surprise for the students.

The schedule for this class are;

DATE:  March 3rd (Sat.) 10:30am-3:30pm

                March 24th (Sat.) 10:30am-3:30pm

     FEE:   RM250 (RM162 for members)

We still have some seats for tomorrow class, so if you are interested in joining, please contact me via email/sms: caramelmoko@gmail.com/012-352-3106

I look forward to hearing from you soon!