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Visiting FHM Malaysia 2011 & updates on me!

21 Sep

Hi there!

Yesterday I visited FHM Malaysia 2011, Malaysia’s Official Food and Hotel Show held at KLCC Convention Center. This was obviously my first time visiting the fair. I went there for my ‘research’ on baking equipments and ingredients and was quite satisfied talking to some industry people and getting some information.

I didn’t get to take much but these are some of the photos I took.

Cake display chiller

Cake decorating demo using yugurt cream

Industrial oven and baking machines

Luwak coffee from Indonesia

As I wrote in my earlier post, this Luwak coffee is the most expensive and low produced coffee in the world! They were selling coffee beans with discount – RM99 a packet (100g) which the original price was US$99 (about RM300). Normally 10-12g of coffee beans would make a single cup so you can imagine how expensive a cup of Luwak coffee would be. The lady was making coffee using syphon and I got to taste a small cup^^!

The day I visited was the first day of the fair which was opened only to the industry people for business purpose but it will be opened to the public on the last day 23rd (Fri.). So if you are interested in, you should go check it out!

Mmm? Industry people?

Yes, for the last few weeks (or shall I say few months?) I’ve been developing my brand Caramel Factory to start out its baking school/teaching center in Shah Alam! Caramel Factory – me ^^- will be teaching Japanese style and French influenced pastries at the shop. The classes and courses will be mostly in workshop style, maximum 8 to 10 students per each class,┬áso that students get to learn how to bake hand in hand from me. I imagine the class to be intimate and fun^^! I also intend to offer coffee and tea making classes in future.

We will also be selling items such as macarons and cupcakes at the shop. So for the last few weeks I was working on creating the menu, business cards and posters for this. Just to give you a glance…

The shop location is almost confirmed but it still needs to be rannovated and so hopefully Caramel Factory will be on board by end of this year! I will keep you updated on the progress of the shop and the menu, so please look forward to it! Any comments, feedback and advice will be very~ welcomed^^!