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Class Cake Photos*

22 Jun


DSC_0286 copy

Summer Orange Pound Cake

DSC_0270 copy

Caramel Walnuts Tart

DSC_0287 copy

Sable Mandian


Orange Souffle Cheesecake &

Chocolat Orange

DSC_0305 copy

Thanks for joining my class. Happy Baking^^!!



How was your long weekend?

2 May

DSC_1247 copy


Hi, how was your long weekend?

As for me, I had classes on Saturday and Sunday so enjoyed baking with my students (Thanks for coming to my class)! Saturday class was Japanese Souffle Cheesecake and Sunday class was Pistachio Pound Cake. I had some extra cakes from my classes, so enjoyed them with cup of coffee over the weekend! Yum yum…

DSC_1216 copy





And today, I went to my favourite cafe BEAM with my family. We had Cafe Latte. Oh… their coffee is still the best for me in KL!

I also ordered this Green Tea Waffle with Vanilla ice and fruits… I might have over eaten… I need to exercise, haha!




Hope you had a great weekend too!




April Class Schedule*

29 Mar



Hi there!

I am posting April Class Schedule (and early May) today! Kindly note that I will be starting from 4th week of April. As for the class terms (fee, duration and others), they remain the same as before. All the classes are hands-on workshop style with maximum 6 students/class.

If you are interested in joining class, kindly email me at caramelmoko@gmail.com.

Thanks and looking forward to baking with you again^^!


1. “Beard Papa Style” Japanese Cookie Choux & Caramel Finacier – Basic Class – *New*


Jumbo choux filled with melty Japanese creme patissiere

and crunchy biscuit on top.


Caramel finacier with melty caramel on top


DATE&TIME:      April 23rd (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm – FULL

                                 May 8th (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm *Mother’s Day* – FULL

    FEE:                    RM200 (RM159  for members)



2. Japanese Souffle Cheesecake & Diamant Vanille Cookie – Basic Class – *Repeat Class*

Souffle Cheesecake2

Caramel Factory’s signature cheesecake!

diamant vanille4

Vanilla butter cookie coated with sparkling sugar

DATE&TIME:            April 30th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm

                  FEE:            RM200 (RM159 for members)

*For details of this class, kindly refer to Japanese Souffle Cheesecake.


3. Pistachio Pound Cake & Chilled Yogurt Cake – Basic Class – *Repeat Class*


Two layer cake with pistachio & vanilla flavors. 

yogurt cake


DATE&TIME:            May 1st (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm *Labor Day* – 1 more seat left!

                  FEE:            RM200 (RM159 for members)

*For details of this class, kindly refer to Pistachio Pound Cake.



I am also planning Season Special Class in late May to June! I am thinking of either Afternoon Tea Special class or American Sweets Special class. Will update to you as soon as I confirm! Thanks.



See you!!!

Warmest regards,







Orange Souffle Cheesecake & Orange Chocolat Cookie*

10 Jan


Our first menu of this year is Orange Souffle Cheesecake! It’s a light Japanese souffle (cotton) type of cheesecake with a hint of fresh orange flavor… ^^ Although the texture is similar to our Caramel Factory’s signature Japanese Souffle Cheesecake, the baking method is different and this one is more straight forward way of making.


Moist and melty…

Each of you will make this cake in a 18cm round mold.


Another menu for this class will be Orange Chocolat Cookie (18pcs)! We will pipe out this cookie in a round shape and sandwich with dark chocolate ganache and homemade orange peel. My daughter saw this cookie and thought that they are macarons! Yes, it’s very cute and also nice to give to your friends and family for the coming CNY gift or Valentine Day’s gift^^!

Here are the class schedules.

DATE & TIME:    January 11th (Sat.)   11:00am-2:30pm 

                                 January 25th (Sat.)  11:00am-2:30pm 

FEE:                       RM195.00 (RM149.00 for members)

*8 students maximum.


Lastly, I will be waiting for you with keemun tea, which is known as one of the world’s best tea, for this class. Its unique fruity flavor goes very well with fresh orange flavor!



November Class Schedules*

6 Nov

Please find our November schedule! We have following three choices(all basic classes) for this month^^.

1. Japanese Souffle Cheesecake & Diamant Vanille

DATE:       November 24th (Sat.) 10:00am-1:30pm              

    FEE:       RM180 (RM135  for members)

Japanese souffle cheesecake is a very soft and moist cheesecake, sometimes called as “cotton cheesecake” in Malaysia. Each of you will bake this in 7″ size mold. Diamant Vanille is a traditional French butter cookie. It’s sparkled with sugar and has a nice vanilla flavor!

2. Charlotte Poir & Apricot Sable 

DATE:       November 17th (Sat.) 10:00am-1:30pm —> FULL

    FEE:       RM180 (RM135  for members)   

Charlotte Poir means “lady’s hat” in French from its lovely shape. It’s a cold dessert – pair mousse. We will bake biscuit a la cuillere for the cake part and fill it with caramel mousse. The combination of caramel mousse and pair is excellent! Apricot sable is a traditional French style cookie. We will sandwich with our homemade apricot jam.

3. Strawberry Rollcake & Madeleine

DATE:       November 22nd (Thu.) 10:30am-2:00pm       —> FULL       

    FEE:       RM180 (RM135  for members)

This is a Japanese style swiss roll. The texture is moist and bouncy because of its unique way of making. We will bake it in 13″ size tray and wrap them with strawberry and other fruits! Madeleine is a traditional French butter cake. It’s baked in a petit shell mold. It has a hint of vanilla and lemon flavor.

To register for classes, please contact us by email/sms; caramelmoko@gmail.com / 012-352-3106 (Tomoko). Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Members’ Promotion of the month!

5 Sep

It’s already September, and Caramel Factory is now 9 months old! Today we have an exciting news about macarons!

First for members, this month’s macaron workshop class will be 30% off (additional 15% discount) from the original price!

I will be teaching Caramel flavors for the first time together with my regular Belgium Chocolate (milk & dark chocolate). It’s the off-white macarons in this photo and has a hint of coffee taste in the crust. So for those of you who hasn’t learned my macarons or wants to learn my caramel flavor, please take this opportunity to join my class! Here is the date.

DATE:      September 16th (Sun.) 3:00pm-6:30pm

FEE:         RM135 (RM195)

MENU:     Belgium Chocolate & Caramel macarons



Another great news is that Coffee Planet has opened up a new branch in Tower 3 KLCC (It’s a new building next to the twin towers)! Congrats to them! You know, I have been supplying my signature cake Japanese Souffle Cheesecake and Jumbo size macarons (flavors: chocolate, vanilla, caramel, lemon and mango) to their first branch in Laman Seri Shah Alam. I will also be supplying these two items to the new branch, it’s great that my cakes are traveling so far^^!

Thank you so much for all your supports!