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Caramel Factory Sweets on Inspirasi Perkahwinan MEI issue!

10 Apr

Preparing for your wedding…? Ohhhh it’s ok even if it is far~ ahead or if it’s already over… Wedding is the moment that perhaps the girls long for the most in life. We always dream of wearing the beautiful wedding dress with lots of flower bouquet and dish on the table, and we always look back of that sparkly moment we share with beloved ones.

Reading wedding magazines is one way to enhance such feelings and to perfect your wedding as much as possible! I also used to read through those magazines to make my once in a life time moment to be as memorable as possible.

The wedding magazine Inspirasi Perkahwinan has many pictures of wedding tables and items to enhance your imagination, and for this month MEI issue, Caramel Factory sweets are on it!

This lovely table coordination with all the pretty labels and flowers was done by my friend, Diyana from Oh Pretty Please, and I provided some of the sweets – Macarons, Cheesecake in a jar and Diamant Vanille (Vanilla Cookies).

Cheesecake in a jar & Macarons

Diamant Vanille

I was so happy to be part in this lovely table setting in this lovely magazine! So even if I don’t read Malay, I rushed to the bookstore and got some copies^^*. If you haven’t take a look at it, please check them out at the bookstore nearby!

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