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I made “Hokkaido Cake”!

26 Apr


I baked “Hokkaido Cake” the other day with my daughter!

Actually, Hokkaido Cake doesn’t exist in Japan but the cake is similar to our chiffon cake. So I used my “Hokkaido Chiffon Cake” recipe without the earl grey tea, and baked them in Japanese Sakura round cups (8 cups). The Hokkaido cake I tasted here before had non-dairy cream inside, but I made creme legere, which is creme patissiere and whipping cream combined. It tastes nicer!


My daughter loved the cream and kept on licking the whisk and the bowl…


This light creamy cake went very well with the coffee, too!

May 2015 class schedule*

20 Apr

cake au marron3

Hi there!

I would like to post May 2015 Class Schedule. In the month of May, I am introducing some traditional French pastries such as Saint Marc, Macaron d’amians and Sable Nante, as well as many repeat and requested classes from previous months ^^*. I also added one of our popular classes – Summer Orange Pound Cake class on April 30th (Thursday). It’s before the long weekend, and this cake is suited to share with your family and friends!

So here is the May class schedule!

*Please refer to our monthly Class Calendar as well.


1. Pound Cake au Marrons & Macaron d’amians – Basic Class –


Marble pound cake rich in marron (chestnut) paste

and chestnuts.

macaron damian

Another type of “Macarons”

Traditional French style cookie

with almond powder and egg white

DATE:       May 21st (Thurs.) 11:00am-2:30pm 

                   May 30th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm – FULL

FEE:          RM200 (RM159  for members)

2. Saint Marc & Galette Nante – Premier Class – 

Saint Marc

Traditional French pastry with vanilla & chocolate mousse

sandwiched with fluffy almond cake.

Caramelised sugar on top.



French style crispy sable

DATE:       May 16th (Sat.) 11:00am-3:00pm – FULL

                   May 31st (Sun.) 11:00am-3:00pm

FEE:          RM210 (RM169  for members)

3. Green Tea Swirl Cheesecake & Lemons *Repeat* – Basic Class – 


N.Y. style green tea swirl cheesecake!


Fresh lemon butter cake with white chocolate coating

DATE:       May 23rd (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm —> might change to May 24th (Sun.) 

FEE:          RM200 (RM159  for members)

4. Passion Chocolat Mousse Layer Cake & Chocolat Florintin *Repeat* – Premier Class – DSC_0599

6 layers of chocolat genoise, chocolat mousse,

passion mousse and chocolat coating


Almond florintin with crispy chocolate cookie crust

DATE:       May 17th (Sun.) 12:00pm-4:00pm – FULL

FEE:          RM210 (RM169  for members)

5. Summer Orange Pound Cake & Mascarpone Puff *Request* – Basic Class –



DATE & TIME:    April 30th (Thurs.)   11:00am-2:30pm 

FEE:                    RM200.00 (RM159.00 for members)

6. Strawberry Fruits Rollcake & Madeleine *Request* – Basic Class – 

DSC_0202 Japanese Souffle Rollcake with strawberries DSC_0082Traditional French style mini butter cake

DATE:        May 13th (Wed.) 11:00am-2:30pm           

FEE:          RM200 (RM159  for members) 

7. Japanese Cookie Cream Puff & Green Tea Strawberry Eclairs *Repeat* – Basic Class – 


Japanese cream puff filled with milky cream and topped with crispy cookie


Green tea cream eclair with strawberry

DATE:        May 9th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm     

FEE:           RM200 (RM159  for members)

8. Strawberry Short Cake & Pate de Fruits Raspberry *Request* – Basic Class –


Japanese Strawberry Shortcake


Pate de Fruits, a French style jelly, in raspberry flavor 

DATE:        May 10th (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm – FULL 

    FEE:       RM200 (RM159 for members)

If you are interested in joining, please contact us by email: (Tomoko).

Thank you so much and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!!!


To my dear students,

Pistachio paste is finally here. I have also ordered Oval Savarin & Heart shape which we used for Tigret, 7″ square ring which we used for Passion Chocolat Mousse. So if you have ordered or interested in getting from me, please let me know! I am also placing order for Silicon Rollcake mold (it will take a few months), so if you are interested in, please let me know as well. Thanks!!!


Passion Chocolat Mousse & Chocolat Florintin*

19 Apr


Our New menu for the April premier class is Passion Chocolat Mousse and Florintin Chocolat. It’s a good class for chocolate lovers, hehe.

Passion Chocolat Mousse is consisted of; Crunchy chocolat feuilletine at the bottom, two layers of biscuit chocolat (chocolate cake), passion creme, two layers of chocolat mousse (with a hint of earl grey tea), and glacage chocolat. So total… 7 layers!?

It looks like the Opera cake, but it’s lighter and perhaps easier to eat because it is a  mousse base cake compared to butter cream base Opera cake.


I have tried out many times to perfect this recipe… so I hope that this rather complicated cake will bring you to heaven… ^^.


We will bake Chocolat Florintin together. Bottom is pate sucre chocolat (chocolate tart crust) and top is crispy almond nougat.

It goes very well with coffee!

Green Tea Swirl Cheesecake & Lemon Cake*

18 Apr

Hi there!

We just finished our first class of Green Tea Swirl Cheesecake & Lemon Cake class! Thank you so much for students who joined my class today!


This Green Tea Swirl Cheesecake is a New York Style – baked cheesecake. It’s very simple and yummy, so I myself have baked this cheesecake many times. Recently my daughter likes to help me bake, so this simple cake was perfect to bake together during her one month Spring holiday^^!

We have white chocolate inside, which goes very well with the green tea.


Another cake we bake is this lovely Lemon Cake! Yes, it’s in lemon shape!

I don’t know why but in Japan, this lemon cake is one of our traditional cakes. It’s getting less common these days, but my mother also used to bake this lemon cake occasionally and I remember it vividly. The 12 lemon shape molds were given to me when I got married and moved to Malaysia ^^*.

The cake is normally coated with white chocolate or yellow colored coating chocolate, and is also wrapped in a “special lemon cake wrapper”!

Like this!

lemon cake2

lemon cake4

Isn’t it cute^^?

It’s a simple Lemon butter cake but I hope you enjoy some Japanese traditional cake in my class!

Thank you so much for visiting our Caramel Factory blog and always supporting us!



Caramel Factory Class Package Update ~April 2015~

16 Apr

logo outline

Hi all,

We have slight changes for our Package classes from April 2015 onwards.

For the benefit of new inquiries, here is the latest fee structure for Caramel Factory members.

First of all,

1) How to become a member? *Validity: 2 years

   Fee: RM50.00.-

   Or Sign up for 2 classes and get FREE membership! 


2) Member Privilege

a. Member gets 20% off discount for all the classes.

   Basic Class:             RM200 —>  RM159 (save RM41)

   Premier Class:         RM210 —>  RM169 (save RM41)

   Season Special:       RM250 —> RM195 (Save RM55)

b. After every 6 classes, member gets 50% OFF for the next Basic or Premier class from the original price. (ex: Basic class becomes RM100 & Premier class becomes RM105.)

c. 50% off does not apply to Season Special class.

3) Package Promotion

We also have Package Promotion, where you can enjoy further discount (up to RM20/class less from Member Price) by paying by cash upfront!

Package 1) RM447  Basic Class x 3 classes (RM149/class, save RM51/class)

Package 2) RM834  Basic Class x 6 classes (RM139/class, save RM61/class)

Package 3) RM864  Basic Class x 3 & Premier Class x 3 classes 

(RM139/class for Basic & RM149/class for Premier)

a. For this Package Promotion, 50% off after every 6 classes does not apply.

b. Finishing the entire card (3 packages x 6 classes = 18 classes) will entitle you to any Free class up to your choice (Basic or Premier)!

And kindly note that we are requesting RM50 deposit per class to confirm the seat.

(No cancellation fee until 3 days prior to class.)

Thank you so much for always supporting us!

We are looking forward to see you @ Caramel Factory!