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Special Macaron Workshop – Feb.11th!

8 Feb

This weekend we are also having a Special Macaron Class!

You will learn two kinds of macarons; Belgium Chocolate & Vanilla Rose during the 3 and a half hour course. Both flavors are very well received by the customers that have tasted my macarons, so please look forward to the class, students!

For Belgium Chocolate Macaron, the filling is chocolate ganache and for Vanilla Rose, the filling is vanilla flavored buttercream. Not only the difficult macaron crust, you get to learn the tips of making the fillings.

Feb.11th(Sat.) class is already full but we plan to have another class in March. So if you couldn’t join this time, please look out for the next class!

マカロン2種: ベルギーショコラのマカロン と バニラローズ風味のマカロン (お一人様6個x2種=12個お持ち帰り)

2 種類のマカロンの作り方を丁寧にご指導致します。 ショコラのマカロンは、ベルギー産カレボー社のカカオとチョコレートを使用。 バニラローズのマカロン は、パータボンプベースのバタークリームの作り方で学びます。 マカロンはお菓子の中でも難しい一品ですが、ポイントポイントを抑えることで、マスターす ることができます!

*2月11日(土)のレッスンは満席となりました。 次回、3月にもレッスンを予定しております。

January – Basic B Class Menu

12 Jan

When you are asked to choose A or B, which one would you choose? Perhaps people will instinctively choose A. But here is the Menu B!

The menu for January Basic B Class is; Quatre-quart Caramel & Japanese Pudding.

Quatre-quart, meaning one-quarter in French, is a pound cake. This is a basic yet very important cake that can be applied to other kinds of pound cake, muffins, and cupcakes! We will learn this cake in a sugar-batter method, and will put the melting caramel inside.

Another menu is Japanese pudding. I don’t have a picture right now, but this is a smooth and vanilla rich pudding with bittersweet caramel at the bottom.

As you can see, the theme of this class is Caramel. So for those who like caramel, this class should be an attractive one^^.


Here are the class schedules and the fee. We only have one more day left, so please email/sms/call me if you are interested in. Thank you!


DATE:    January 15th (Sun.) 2:30pm-6:00pm    FULL

                    January 28th (Sat.) 2:30pm-6:00pm

     FEE:       RM180  RM126/class

email: caramelmoko@gmail.com

h/p: 012-352-3106

Class Schedules for January 2012!

7 Jan

Caramel Factory is officially opening on January 9th, and our first class to be on the 15th Sunday!

Here I’d like to list up the class schedules for January. We are offering 30% discount for the first month, so register now and enjoy this deal!!!

<Adults Baking Class> *Choose a date from below options.

1. Basic Class A  

    MENU: Japanese Souffle Cheesecake & Diamant Vanille (Vanilla Sable Cookies)

    DATE:      January 15th (Sun.) 10:00am-1:30pm FULL

                       January 20th (Fri.)  2:30pm-6:00pm

                      January 28th (Sat.) 10:00am-1:30pm FULL

     FEE:       RM180  RM126/class

2. Basic Class B

     MENU: Quatre-quart au Caramel & Japanese Pudding

     DATE:  January 15th (Sun.) 2:30pm-6:00pm    FULL

                    January 28th (Sat.) 2:30pm-6:00pm

     FEE:       RM180  RM126/class

3. Advanced Class

     MENU: Gateau Fromage & Earl Grey Tea Sable

     DATE:  January 21st (Sat.) 2:30pm-6:30pm

                    January 22nd (Sun.) 2:30pm-6:30pm

    FEE:      RM195  RM137/class

<Children Baking Program (2 day course)>

     DATE:  January 21st (Sat.) 10am – 1:15pm &  January 22nd (Sun.) 10am-1:15pm

     MENU:  Day 1 – Cartoon Chocolate Cookies

                        Day 2 – Angry Bird Pumpkin & Lotus Buns

     FEE:      RM180  RM150/course

All the classes are in hands-on workshop style, and for the adults class the room is limited to 8 students/class only.

To register now, please email/sms me with 1) your name, 2) contact, 3) the class and 4) the date you are interested in. For any queries, please feel free to contact me as well. We look forward to hear from you!!!

Email address: caramelmoko@gmail.com

H/P: 012-352-3106 (Tomoko)


What is Caramel Factory?

29 Dec

Let me talk a little bit more about Caramel Factory.

What is Caramel Factory?

Caramel Factory is a baking school & patisserie. We are offering various kinds of baking classes from adults to children class, and are also selling some cakes in the near future. We actually already did children baking classes in December (Dec.19th-22nd 2011), as one of the school holiday program. You can see the details in my previous posts!

As for the adults, we are starting soon in January 2012!

There are three types of classes; Basic, Advanced and Seasonal Special Classes. Here are the class fee and the duration for each class;

 Basic – 3.5hrs, RM180/class

 Advanced – 4hrs, RM195/class

 Seasonal Special Class – 5hrs, RM220/class (occasionally held)

This includes all the ingredients cost and baking tools, so students can come with bare hand and oh, with apron. We will also prepare the ingredients in advance so that the classes can be held smoothly and with shorter time.

During each class, you get to learn two kinds of cakes including one main item and another sub-item. As I wrote in an earlier post, the cakes you learn are mostly French influenced and Japanese style pastries.

This is one of the cakes I’ll be teaching in January. It’s a Japanese Souffle cheesecake!

Basic Class Menu (January)

Also, we are focusing on hand-on workshop style, so that the students get to learn how to bake on their own. Thus each of the class is limited to 8 students.

At the end of the class, there will be a food tasting time over a nice cup of tea or coffee with the cakes I prepared. Of course you will bring back all the cakes you made!!!

Day 3 – Angry Bird Cupcakes!

22 Dec

Children Baking Class – 3rd day was Angry Bird Cupcakes! This was the day that the children were most looking forward to! Kids are crazy about Angry Birds^^!

There are many kinds of Angry Bird Cupcakes, and mine is using icing sugar and some toppings such as sugar sprinkles, chocolate and apricots. I figured fondant might be a bit too difficult for children, and also I personally prefer icing sugar to fondant (cuz they are easier to eat) so I chose this kind.

Here are some of my students Angry Birds!

I honestly didn’t expect the children to do this good. Boy, I am so proud as a teacher!

This little boy’s favorite bird was a black one, the bomb bird.

This little girl followed my sample and made white bird’s cheek with yellow sprinkles. Well done!

This little girl is only 4 years old! Good job! (I helped her finish up with the other birds.)

When we made doughnuts (Day 1) and cookies (Day 2), the children were shaking their boxes left and right and all the items went all over inside the box, but this time, they were carefully and preciously carried their boxes back home…^^

Children Baking Class Day2 – Disneyland Cookies!

20 Dec

The 2nd day of Children Baking Program was Disneyland Cookies! Look at how excited they are!

Now that they are familiar with my shop, the children rushed into the kitchen as soon as they reached! I told them to stay outside and wait for other friends to arrive while I was preparing, but they didn’t want to leave the classroom^^; They carried their stools and stood right in front of my kitchen table like ducklings, haha. Well, I was happy to know that children enjoy baking with me!

Girls were very good at decorating… trying their best to make them as pretty as possible. I know they are imaging their mommy n daddy’s happy face!

Boys were good at eating… they kept munching on the cookies they made, so that the box became lighter and lighter. But here I still see Mickey. I know they want to keep this for their mommy n daddy.

Oh, you got two Mickeys there.

By the way, making Mickey face was too difficult for the children, so most of them were made by me. (That’s why all the Mickey face looks the same..) After all, the theme is Disneyland Cookies and I wanted them to at least have one Micky to bring back to their home!

Children Baking Class started today!

19 Dec

Caramel Factory is BUKA ‘opened’ from today! This week will be a soft launch, and the official opening will be in Janury 2012!

The night before…

I was busy preparing the shop until the last minute, so last night my parents-in-law dropped by to help me clean-up and decorate the shop at about 11pm. This week is a Children Baking Program week (4 days course), so the shop is in kids color. Thanks mom!

Here is our kitchen!

The first day today’s menu was colorful doughnuts. Children loooved playing with the doughs. yep, it’s very soft and nice! The best part for them seemed to be throwing the dough into the air… well, smashing them onto the working table! Each of them were taking turns to smash it onto the table, and wooowing at each other, haha (just so you know, this dough was not being used to bake). Children do know how to enjoy themselves.

Some boys and girls tried frying them, too.

Lovely smile…

and smiles…

These are one of the children’s masterpiece! We made about 70 over doughnuts in total!

Well done kids! See you tomorrow~!!!

Visiting FHM Malaysia 2011 & updates on me!

21 Sep

Hi there!

Yesterday I visited FHM Malaysia 2011, Malaysia’s Official Food and Hotel Show held at KLCC Convention Center. This was obviously my first time visiting the fair. I went there for my ‘research’ on baking equipments and ingredients and was quite satisfied talking to some industry people and getting some information.

I didn’t get to take much but these are some of the photos I took.

Cake display chiller

Cake decorating demo using yugurt cream

Industrial oven and baking machines

Luwak coffee from Indonesia

As I wrote in my earlier post, this Luwak coffee is the most expensive and low produced coffee in the world! They were selling coffee beans with discount – RM99 a packet (100g) which the original price was US$99 (about RM300). Normally 10-12g of coffee beans would make a single cup so you can imagine how expensive a cup of Luwak coffee would be. The lady was making coffee using syphon and I got to taste a small cup^^!

The day I visited was the first day of the fair which was opened only to the industry people for business purpose but it will be opened to the public on the last day 23rd (Fri.). So if you are interested in, you should go check it out!

Mmm? Industry people?

Yes, for the last few weeks (or shall I say few months?) I’ve been developing my brand Caramel Factory to start out its baking school/teaching center in Shah Alam! Caramel Factory – me ^^- will be teaching Japanese style and French influenced pastries at the shop. The classes and courses will be mostly in workshop style, maximum 8 to 10 students per each class, so that students get to learn how to bake hand in hand from me. I imagine the class to be intimate and fun^^! I also intend to offer coffee and tea making classes in future.

We will also be selling items such as macarons and cupcakes at the shop. So for the last few weeks I was working on creating the menu, business cards and posters for this. Just to give you a glance…

The shop location is almost confirmed but it still needs to be rannovated and so hopefully Caramel Factory will be on board by end of this year! I will keep you updated on the progress of the shop and the menu, so please look forward to it! Any comments, feedback and advice will be very~ welcomed^^!