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Chocolate*Coffee Pound Cake

30 May

Today I baked Chocolate & Coffee Pound Cake for my friend.

I first made espresso coffee using mocha pot and put them inside the pound cake together with the melted chocolate. After I had a slice, I thought it needs to have more chocolate taste… so I decided to do chocolate coating on top.

I added some rum rasin as well.

Coffee & Chocolate. My favorite match!

Afternoon tea at home!

14 May

Look like a shop^^?

The other day I made afternoon set for branch. I newly bought this lovely two-layer tray and wanted to use it!

Here is the menu;

– Scones (plain & rasin)

– Tea Sable

– Fruits Tarte

– Strawberry rollcake

– Sandwich (Tuna & Egg)

As I wrote in the earlier post, I have been baking scones for quite a while and came up with a good recipe. I’ve tried couple of scones in KL cafes and think that mine is the best so far! I hope to share the recipe with you in my blog later.

By the way, one of the joyful moment of afternoon tea is to try out couple kinds of tea over those petit desserts.

So I prepared 2 kinds of teas;

– Darjeeling 2nd Flush (from Tea Salon G-clef)

– Royal Blend (from Fortnum & Mason)

You can see the color difference from the picture (Left: Royal Blend, Right: Darjeeling). Do you know that the tea color (clear & transparant) is as important as the taste in enjoying the tea? That’s why all the proper tea cups are white color inside. Some of the tea leaves turn into dull and whitish color when being iced, so there are even some tea leaves suited/not suited for the iced tea. I hope to talk about this in another post, too.

Anyway back to afternoon tea, I enjoyed drinking those teas. I generally like Darjeeling on its own, but with scones and other desserts, Royal Blend tea with milk is better!


6 May

End of last month I traveled to Singapore for couple of days following my husband’s business trip. It was Hanae’s first time traveling on the plane! She was still to be 4 months old and I was a bit worried she might cry on the plane, but the plane ride was very short (40 min.) and was rather comfortable, thank god.

It was almost 1 year since I traveled overseas so I got very excited and was walking around the town, mostly to the closest shopping mall from the hotel we stayed, Raffles City Shopping Center. I had great time checking out the pastry shops and also meeting some of our friends there.

After I came back from Singapore I fell sick for a while… it always happens after I travel somewhere no matter where I go and how long the trip is. I guess I always get too excited and push my body hard during the trip;

So after a long rest, I finally baked doughnuts! for our friend’s who came to see us. I baked two kinds of flavor, chocolate and kinako. Kinako is a japanese style flavor made from grounded yellow bean. We normally put it on mochi or doughnuts.

This is one of my favorite kind of doughnuts!