Visiting BOH Plantation with my family*

12 May


Hi there!

Every end of April to early May, we (Japanese) have a long holiday called “Golden Week”. This year, my parents came to Malaysia for the 4th? 5th? time during the “Golden Week” and we took them to Cameron Highlands! Cameron Highlands is one of the most popular tourist destination in Malaysia, and my mother also saw it in Japanese TV show and requested us to take her there. It was the second time for me to visit Cameron Highlands but last time was about… 9 years ago and I didn’t have much memory. So I was also looking forward to the trip!


Cameron Valley

Despite of the rainy season, we were lucky to have shiny sun in the daytime and enjoyed the wonderful view of BOH TEA plantation! We visited three tea plantations – well, we wanted to go to the famous one in Sungai Palas BOH plantation, but kept on missing the location. I didn’t know there were so many. But it was all good in the end because the other plantations were just as good, or could be better (less touristy). The blue sky and green leaves were the great contrast!



Kids also enjoyed checking out the grand view,


Picking some flowers, plants and bugs…

And we all enjoyed many cups of nice BOH TEA looking over the tea plantation.


I have always bought back BOH TEA for my friends and family in Japan for souvenir, but after visiting the farm and seeing how they make, the tea tastes much better!


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