Maccha Rollcake

23 Feb

In Japan, Rollcake has become one of the most popular cakes in the last few years. Everyone from famous patisserie chefs to housewives started baking various kinds of rollcakes. There are some shops just specialized in rollcakes that opened in Tokyo and other areas in the last couple of years.

Housewives will write in their blogs what kind of rollcake they baked on the day and how well they could roll the cake (because appearance is another important thing for this cake), and they comment with each other on how good it looks and so on.

At first I didn’t care much about rollcake, but because it was just so popular that I also started baking various kinds of rollcakes and came to appreciate its simple yet refined taste!

This rollcake I made is Maccha Rollcake with Strawberry inside. Actually it’s slightly more complicated than it looks. I added citron taste to the cream and the green leaf-looking thing below strawberry is maccha ganache (maccha mixed with white chocolate). It all unites in your mouth, hmm…

I used expensive ‘maccha powder’ that I brought back from Japan. It really makes a big difference in taste whether you use a good maccha powder or not. The good one is in vivid green, not brownish, with good maccha fragrant. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a good maccha powder here yet. If anyone knows the way to get good maccha powder, please tell me! hehe…


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